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Minecraft Legends: release date, trailers and gameplay details

Minecraft Legends release date

Studio Mojang is preparing to release another spin-off of Minecraft called Minecraft. This action-strategy was first announced as part of the Xbox & Bethesda Games Showcase 2022 presentation, and only a few days remain before its release. It is known that in Minecraft Legends we are waiting for fully voiced cut scenes, an open world with procedural generation of locations, as well as classic RTS gameplay.

All the details about Minecraft Legends, including gameplay features and details shown in the trailers, can be found below.

Minecraft Legends release date

Minecraft Legends will release on April 18, 2023.


Despite the fact that Mojang was acquired by Microsoft a few years ago, the company is still actively releasing multi-platform games. This also applies to Minecraft Legends, which is due out on PlayStation 4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, Xbox Series X and PC. It will also be available with an Xbox Game Pass subscription.


The first official trailer for Minecraft Legends is just over two minutes long and shows several gameplay moments as well as a lot of cinematic footage.

During the Xbox Games Showcase Extended 2022 presentation, Dennis Rees, executive producer of Mojang, commented on the trailer and revealed a few more details related to the new game.

As part of the recent Direct Mini presentation, Nintendo showed a little more gameplay scenes, although we did not learn anything new about the game. In this trailer, you can see several battles, as well as cutting frames with an open world available for exploration.

The latest gameplay trailer was released as part of the Xbox Bethesda Developer Direct presentation, which took place in January. This trailer already has a final release date.



Minecraft Legends is an action strategy game set in the standard Minecraft universe. The game features the same blocky graphics as the original Minecraft, as well as Minecraft Dungeons. However, unlike these games, this project is entirely dedicated to strategic battles.

On the official website of the game, you can see the following description: “Inspire friends and strangers, form a strong alliance and rush into battle to protect what is dear! Give battle to the piglins before the corruption of the Nether they carry with them devours the Overworld!"

The trailer showed the character riding a horse across different biomes, planting flags to summon his troops and taking on huge waves of enemies in real-time combat. Judging by the scene in which a certain building is slowly erected in front of the character, it can be assumed that the game will have a crafting system. It is not known how much emphasis will be placed on crafting and building mechanics, however, the bulk of the gameplay will most likely be dedicated to strategic combat and large-scale battles.

As part of the presentation of Direct Mini from Nintendo, you could see new scenes with an open world and large-scale battles. In the same trailer, we were shown mobs familiar to players from the classic Minecraft, as well as the mechanics of a cooperative game with friends.



Minecraft Legends will feature both cooperative and competitive multiplayer modes. The latter can be played by two teams, each of which can consist of up to four players. They can build buildings and fight mob armies in randomly generated worlds.


You can pre-order the game on the official site of Minecraft Legend by choosing the appropriate platform. The standard edition will cost you $40, while the deluxe version will cost you $50. The Deluxe Edition will include six additional skins, one new hero, four unique mounts, and an additional mount skin, which will be available immediately after release.

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