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Can Sebastian's sister Anna be saved in Hogwarts Legacy?

Is it possible to save Anna in Hogwarts Legacy

We tell you if Anna can be healed in Hogwarts Legacy.

If you've been following the story closely while playing through Hogwarts Legacy, then you've probably wondered if Anna, Sebastian Sallow's twin sister, could be saved. All of Sebastian's story missions are in one way or another connected with finding a cure for Anna, who is under the influence of an unknown curse that drains her life force. Be careful: this article contains serious spoilers for the game's story campaign.

Can Anna Sallow be saved in Hogwarts Legacy?

As Sebastian progresses through the quest line, it becomes clear that the curse that Anna suffers from is beyond study due to its rarity. Neither the healers at St. Mungo's Hospital nor the Aurors can remove it. Meanwhile, Sebastian dives deeper into the study of the Dark Arts, but it is unclear whether this will help him cure Anna or not.

We personally witness Sebastian's desperation when he summons infernals in the crypt, but cannot find a way to help his sister. Soon his uncle Solomon appears, worried about the behavior of his nephew, and some time after that, Anna disappears without a trace. She leaves a farewell letter for Sebastian, but does not say where she has gone.

In the final part of the game, the main character will have to fight Rookwood near Olivander's shop. During this battle, it becomes clear that it was he who cursed Anna, and not the goblins. In order to survive, the main character needs to kill Rookwood, but with the death of the villain, the last hope to save Anna fades away, since now it is impossible to find out exactly which curse Rookwood used and how to get rid of it.

In the Hogwarts Legacy ending, Anna is still alive, but her exact whereabouts are unknown. She is still cursed, but that doesn't mean her story ends there. It is possible that in one of the future additions to the game there will be a quest related to finding a cure for Anna, and we will have a chance to finally cure Sebastian's sister.

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