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Garbage fetish in Honkai Star Rail: how to get the achievement

Trash fetish in Honkai Star Rail

A detailed guide to the "Trash Fetish" achievement in Honkai: Star Rail.

Honkai: Star Rail has an impressive list of different achievements, each of which can be rewarded with Star Jade. In exchange for this in-game currency, you can purchase a Star Pass or a Special Star Pass for 160 Star Jade. Among these achievements sometimes come across quite funny achievements like "Trash Fetish".

However, the conditions for this achievement can be confusing for many players because they don't tell you exactly what you need to do. In the description of the achievement, only the following is indicated: "Even garbage has a use." Thus, you need to dig into the garbage cans that can be found on the planet Yarilo-VI. This guide will help you complete the "Trash Fetish" achievement in Honkai: Star Rail and explain the steps involved.

How to get the "Trash Fetish" achievement in Honkai: Star Rail

If you've already gotten the Nice-looking Garbage item, then you've probably already figured out that interactions with trash cans are a full-fledged gameplay mechanic in Honkai: Star Rail. For the achievement "Trash Fetish" you need to find 10 units of garbage and synthesize it.

In order to do this, you first need to get a recipe for punitive food. It can be obtained from a writer named Amo, who is located near the vending machine in the administrative area. Just talk to him using all the available lines and you will be rewarded with a Punitive Food Recipe. After that, you need to do the following three steps:

  • Collect 10 pieces of garbage that can be found in dumpsters on the planet Yarilo-VI; they are also issued for the destruction of various objects.
  • Buy 10 Basic Ingredients from the Administrative Area Shop, each costing 250 credits.
  • Synthesize 10 portions of punitive food to get the "Trash Fetish" achievement.

To earn this achievement, you must first unlock the Universal Fusion Machine. Otherwise, you won't be able to earn 5 Star Jades for cooking Punishment Food.

How to open the Universal Synthesis Machine in Honkai: Star Rail


Item synthesis is one of the important gameplay mechanics in Honkai: Star Rail, which is necessary for creating various character builds. In order to access the Universal Synthesis Machine, you need to complete the Hynkel side quest at the Hertha space station. You can find Researcher Hinkel in the Storage Area.

The side quest from Hinkel is much simpler than other tasks in the game: you only need to defeat a few medium-strength enemies. When you complete this task, you will unlock the Universal Synthesis Machine and complete a short tutorial that will tell you how to properly use this device.

Video guide

That's all you need to know about how to complete the Junk Fetish achievement in Honkai Star Rail. Now you can read our other guides on new quests, events and content in the game. Leave your comments below and bookmark our site so you don't miss anything.

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