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Natasha in Honkai Star Rail: best build [guide]

Natasha's best build in Honkai Star Rail

This guide will help you put together the best build for Natasha, using the most suitable light cones and relics, as well as help you correctly form a squad with her.

Natasha is a four-star physical damage character who follows the path of Abundance. This is a doctor and teacher from the Underdark of the city of Belobog. Natasha is known for her kindness and compassion; she always helps the sick and wounded and simply adores children. However, her image can be deceiving, because her friendly smile hides the dark side that the heroine shows during battles with opponents.

She strongly supports the inhabitants of the Underdark and provides them with the necessary medical care. At the same time, Natasha is the true head of the Wildfire faction. This faction has been fighting injustice for a long time together with the leader Oleg, lieutenant Zele and contract soldier Sampo in the hope of one day freeing the Underdark from the oppression of the upper world.

Natasha is a classic healer, and this applies both to her role in the squad and her mission in the game world. Her ult is able to heal all members of the squad, and her skill heals only one ally - thus, getting comfortable with her techniques is quite simple. Natasha was voiced by Elizabeth Maxwell (in the English version), Uchiyama Yumi (in the Japanese version), Qin Ziyi (in the Chinese version) and Kang Eun-ae (in the Korean version).

This guide contains all the necessary information that will help you put together the best build for Natasha and unlock her potential with the help of well-chosen relics, light cones and eidolons.

Best build for Natasha in Honkai: Star Rail

Natasha follows the Path of Abundance and uses her powerful rifle to deal physical damage. This free character and probably the first healer you get in the game will be a valuable ally in various unit builds.

It is recommended that all builds of Natasha give priority to outgoing healing, as well as regeneration of speed, health and energy, in order to unleash the full potential of the heroine.

Before diving into the details, let's start with a brief overview:

  • The best light cones: “Time waits for no one”, “Cold nights are shorter when you are around”, “General feelings”, “Conversation after surgery”, “Cornucopia”.
  • The best relics and decorations: "Wandering Cloud Drifter", "Snowstorm Guardian", "Ageless Fleet", "Wonwak Living".
  • The best allies: Armor, Himeko and Cheetah.

Best light cones for Natasha in Honkai: Star Rail

Some of the most effective light cones for Natasha include:

  • Time waits for no one;
  • Cold nights are shorter when you're around
  • General feelings;
  • Conversation after the operation;
  • Cornucopia.

It is recommended to choose light cones that are related to the Path of Abundance in order to effectively use Natasha's passive skill.

Time Waits for No One, Bailu's signature light cone, is one of the best weapons for Natasha, as it continuously increases health and outgoing healing without any restrictions - two of the most important aspects of the character. In addition, this cone allows teammates to deal more damage to opponents in combat.

In addition, Natasha has her own signature light cone - "Conversation after the operation." It's certainly not a perfect weapon, but this cone increases her energy regeneration rate and outgoing healing after the heroine uses her ult. If you can't get the Time Waits for No One cone, Post-Operation Conversation is a good replacement.

Time Waits for No One is a five-star cone of light, so it can be tricky to get it, depending on your luck. However, as an alternative, you can use one of the four-star cones ("Cold Nights Are Shorter When You're Around", "Shared Feelings" and "Post-Operation Conversation") or the three-star weapon "Cornucopia".

The best relics for Natasha in Honkai: Star Rail

Some of the most effective relics for Natasha include:

Passerby of Wandering Cloud

  • 2 pieces: Increases healing done by 10%.
  • 4 pieces: At the start of combat, instantly restore 1 skill point to all party members.

Guard of Wuthering Snow

  • 2 pieces: Damage taken is reduced by 8%.
  • 4 pieces: At the start of the turn, if HP is at or below 50%, immediately restore 8% of maximum HP and 5 energy.

Planar decoration "Fleet of Ageless"

  • 2 pieces: Increases HP by 12%. When the speed reaches 120 units and above, all allies gain +8% attack power.

Planar decoration "Live Wonwak"

  • 2 pieces: Energy regeneration is increased by 5%. When the speed reaches 120 units and above, the action advances +40% immediately after entering combat.

Artifacts that increase health, as well as give bonuses to healing and speed, will be very useful to Natasha. Therefore, when choosing relics for Natasha, you should focus on these parameters.

Natasha's best relic is Rogue Cloud Drifter, which improves her abilities by increasing outgoing healing. Your entire squad also receives a 4-piece set bonus that replenishes 1 skill point at the start of combat.

As a result, in an ideal build for Natasha, the relic "Wandering Cloud Wanderer" must be present. In addition, you will also need Snowstorm Guardian, another important item for healers.

If you wish, you can use both sets of relics (Wandering Cloud Drifter, Snowstorm Guardian), however, if you cannot find the items you need, it is recommended to use 4-piece artifacts with similar effects.

Best squads with Natasha in Honkai: Star Rail

Natasha will most effectively operate as part of the following units:

  • Natasha, Bronya, Zele, Sang;
  • Natasha, Dan Heng, Physical Damage Pathfinder, March 7;
  • Natasha, Himeko, Asta, Herta.

Since Natasha follows the Path of Plenty, her skills are focused on keeping her allies alive and healing their wounds, so she will fill an important role as a healer in any squad.

Zele can be used as a main DPS character as she is capable of dealing massive damage to single targets. Armor also occupies an important place in the team, the ult of which increases the attack power of allies and their critical damage. At the same time, Pela removes protection from enemies while Natasha heals allies. This is the perfect composition for boss fights and elite opponents.

If you are building a squad exclusively of F2P characters, then be sure to include Dan Heng and a Pathfinder with a physical damage type in it, which will act as DPS characters. In this case, Natasha will heal comrades with her skills and ult, and March 7 will break through enemy shields and carry out powerful counterattacks.

Materials for ascending and leveling Natasha's footprints in Honkai: Star Rail

Natasha's Ascension Materials

To raise Natasha to the maximum level, you will need the following resources:

  • Ancient Part: 16
  • Ancient Transfer Shaft: 15
  • Ancient Engine: 10
  • Broken Iron Wolf Teeth: 52
  • Credits: 246

Materials for leveling Natasha's tracks

To level up Natasha's tracks, you will need the following resources:

  • Seed of Plenty: 16
  • Sprout of Life: 54
  • Flower of Eternity: 105
  • Ancient Part: 28
  • Ancient Transfer Shaft: 42
  • Ancient Engine: 42
  • Guardian's Sorrow: 9
  • Imprints of Destiny: 5
  • Credits: 2

Natasha's abilities in Honkai: Star Rail

Natasha's Basic Attack: The Other Side of Kindness

Deals physical damage to the selected enemy equal to 50-130% of attack power.

Natasha's Skill: Love, heal and choose

Restores health equal to 7-12.25% of own maximum HP plus 70-358.75 HP to the selected ally. Also, at the start of the next two turns, this ally heals for 4.8-8.4% of Natasha's Max HP plus 48-246 HP.

Natasha's Ultimate: Gift of Rebirth

Restores HP to the entire team equal to 9.2-16.1% of their own Max HP plus 92-471.5 HP.

Natasha's talent: Innervation

Healing allies with less than or equal to 30% health increases Natasha's outgoing healing by 25-62.5%. This effect also applies to healing over time.

Natasha's Technique: Learning Hypnosis

Instantly strikes an enemy. After the battle starts, inflicts physical damage equal to 80% of attack power to a random enemy target and applies the Weakness status to all opponents. While under this debuff, enemies deal 30% less damage to allies for 1 turn.

Natasha's eidolons in Honkai: Star Rail

  • E1 - Pharmacological expertise: After being attacked by an enemy, if current HP is less than or equal to 30%, recover 15% HP plus 400 HP. This effect can only trigger once per battle.
  • E2 - Clinical Study: Using an ultimate periodically heals an ally with less than or equal to 30% HP for 1 turn. At the start of their turn, this ally recovers HP equal to 6% of Natasha's maximum HP plus 160 HP.
  • E3 - Prescribed medication: The skill level increases by 2, the maximum level is 15. The basic attack level increases by 1, the maximum level is 10.
  • E4 - Miraculous Healing: Restores 5 extra energy after attacking an enemy.
  • E5 - Preventive treatment: Super level increased by 2, max level 15. Talent level increased by 2, max level 15.
  • E6 - Healer's Mercy: Natasha's basic attack deals additional physical damage equal to 40% of her maximum HP.

How to play Natasha in Honkai Star Rail

Considering that Natasha is a four-star character that can be obtained for free from Honkai Star Rail, she is simply incredible. At the moment, she is perhaps the most powerful and most useful healer in the game. Even in the most difficult battles, Natasha can lead a relatively weak squad to victory if she constantly heals her allies.

Natasha uses her ultimate ability in Honkai Star Rail.

Her abilities are mainly related to healing, and thanks to this, Natasha can fit perfectly into any team composition. Assemble a squad with the types of fighters you need to exploit the enemy's vulnerabilities, and then add Natasha to it to support all your allies. After using her skills in combat even once, you'll probably find yourself missing her whenever you choose to go without her.

Although she doesn't play a key role in the easier fights, many groups of characters facing strong bosses or waves of hostile enemies will rely on Natasha to keep the squad up and running.

Should I beat Natasha in Honkai Star Rail?

In short, no. Don't actively try to get Natasha into Honkai Star Rail.

As soon as you start doing story missions on Yarilo-IV and get to know the people of Belobog, you will also get to know Natasha. She will be unlocked as a free character soon.

You can still get Natasha from the Standard Jump and Event Jump banners, and if you do, Natasha's eidolons will improve her self-healing ability, her ultimate ability, skills, and more. So getting it in the banner has its advantages. However, it's best to aim for character discovery through story progression in the first place.

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