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Furious Sandstorm in Genshin Impact: how to get through and defeat the Oonuts

Raging Sandstorm in Genshin Impact

Hello Travelers! The Furious Sandstorm event is about to begin!

Anomalous ducks have appeared in the desert. Travelers will have to join forces with the scientists of the Academy and defeat these giant worms with the help of a blast cannon. But how to use it effectively? Let's find out about it!

When will the Furious Sandstorm event start and end?

It will start on April 21st, 2023 at 10:00 AM and run until May 03st, 59 1:2023 AM (Server Time).

How to participate in the Furious Sandstorm event

  • Reach Adventure Rank 20 or higher.
  • Complete the Archon task "Approach of a new star".

Event Description

The Furious Sandstorm event consists of five challenges. On the first day from the start of the event, two challenges will be available to you. The rest of the tests will open one per day, starting from the second day. In order to access the next challenges, you must first complete all previous challenges.

During the Traveler event, you will have to help the scientists of the Academy and use the deadly cannon to deal with giant worms and earn valuable rewards.

How to defeat Oonuts in Raging Sandstorm in Genshin Impact

Worms Disposal: Gathering


This quest was originally titled Worms Removal: Application. To launch it, teleport to the village of Aaru and talk to the worried researcher Shriya. She will ask you to find and rescue Vinayak, who is stuck in the desert where duckies roam.


Blessing of Fall deals 20 Physical Damage

Once you find Vinayak using the quest marker, you can begin the challenge. During it, four-leafed symbols with the blessing of falling will appear on the arena. Activate them for a damage buff, then use your falling attacks to create shockwaves to deal increased damage to all enemies in the area. You can do without this buff if you wish.


As part of this challenge, you need to collect three components of the gun-piercing cannon. Near each of them you have to defeat a group of opponents, holding out for several minutes. In other words, the principle of this test is no different from standard combat events.

Each challenge has a unique bonus effect. In the first trial, the damage from the catalysts of all members of the squad is increased by 20%.

Getting rid of worms: Trial


Rewind the in-game time to 8:00 - 12:00 the next day to start the second challenge. Next, move along the quest marker to get to the desired location.


This time you will encounter a new mechanism. In this challenge, you need to install three charging mechanisms in order to activate the gunshot cannon. Of course, various opponents will try to interfere with you, so you will have to defeat each of the three groups. From time to time, ducks will appear from the ground, so you need to react to the yellow circles in the sand in time and run to the side so as not to be attacked by giant worms.

The second trial also has a bonus effect. The elemental damage dealt by falling attacks, normal attacks, and charged attacks of all party members has been increased by 20%.



All rewards must be collected on the event page inside the game. Completing all missions in the Raging Sandstorm event will unlock the following rewards:

  • 420 source stones
  • 30 Hero XP
  • 6 Iron Forest Dew Charms, 6 Blooming Oasis Favors, 6 Flaming Might
  • 170 mora
  • 12 units of magic ore of strengthening
  • 28 Adventurer XP
  • 16 Wanderer XP

Video guide

First Trial - Gather Scattered Components

Second test - Install the mechanism

That's all you need to know on how to complete all the challenges and defeat the Oonuts in the Furious Sandstorm event in Genshin Impact. Now you can read our other guides on Genshin Impact, new quests, events and content in the game. Leave your comments below and bookmark our site so you don't miss anything.

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