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Unseen Weasel 2 in Honkai Star Rail: how to start and complete [guide]

Unseen Weasel 2 at Honkai Star Rail

This guide will help you complete Clara's Companion Mission "Unseen Weasel II" in Honkai: Star Rail.

How to start the quest Unbelievable Caress 2 in Honkai Star Rail

In order to trigger this mission, you need to speak with Clara in the robot settlement on the planet Yarilo VI. Before that, you should receive a message from her, which will come if you have already completed the quest "Unbelievable Weasel I" and the last mission of Settlement in Lofu Xianzhou.

Honkai Star Rail Passage of Unseen Weasel 2


Together with Clara, find a suitable corps in the Graveyard of Machines


Go to the spatial anchor at the base of Svarog, and then take the elevator down. Follow Clara to the Machine Graveyard to find a suitable hull, and then talk to the Direwolf Automaton.


After that, fight the robot.

Return to the Svarog base and repair Pascal

After defeating the Direwolf Automaton, you will need to return to the Svarog base. The heroes insert Pascal's core into the direwolf's hull, however, due to the incompatibility of the parts, Pascal will flee towards Riveting City. You need to follow his trail and find him.

Follow the fleeing Pascal


Together with Clara, go to Zaklepkograd, where you will see that Pascal was attacked by a grizzly automaton, who confused Pascal with the Fragmentum creature. Defeat the patrol robot to get its body, into which you can transplant the core of Pascal.

Follow Pascal


Pascal will ask you and Clara to follow him and eventually lead you to his base.

Explore the Tempering Workshop


Examine the handwritten notes and the drawer in the workshop.

Keep exploring the Tempering Workshop


Click on the monitor interaction button.

Return to base with Clara

Return to the base and, together with Clara and Svarog, decide the fate of Pascal. However, the final decision will be with the Pathfinder.

You can decide to either install the security software into the Pascal kernel or format it. At this point, the quest "An Unseen Weasel II" will come to an end.


After successfully completing the quest Unseen Weasel 2, pioneers will be able to earn the following rewards:

  • Credits 20
  • Experience mastering 300
  • Star Jade 60
  • Shields 200
  • Charged Ether 4

Video guide

*We will add a video walkthrough a little later.

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