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Dangerous path in Genshin Impact: how to start and complete the quest [guide]

Dangerous path in Genshin Impact

A detailed walkthrough of one of the tasks of the Archons.

Story quests are one of the strongest points in Genshin Impact, and the "Dangerous Path" quest deserves to be one of the most interesting in the game. It appeared in version 2.7 and allowed players to learn many secrets about the Breach, a rather intriguing location that has been on the map since the launch of Genshin Impacty, giving rise to many fan theories. However, players were able to get to this place only in version 2.6.


This quest involves Xiao, Ye Lan, Yan Fei, as well as Arataki Itto and Kouki Shinobu. During the passage of the "Dangerous Path" mission, you and these heroes will go to a secret location to learn more about what happened in the great battle 500 years ago. This is one of the most emotional quests in the game, and this guide will help you complete all the stages of the "Dangerous Path" quest in Genshin Impact.

How to get the "Dangerous Path" quest in Genshin Impact


The mission "Dangerous Path" is included in the Intermediate Volume of the Archons' Quests. To unlock it, you need to complete the third chapter of the first volume of the Archons' quests ("The Approach of a New Star"). While doing so, you also need to complete the story mission Arataki Itto ("Golden Oni Soul") and the second chapter of the Shogun Raiden's Legends Quest ("Fleeting Dreams"). This means that before this it will be necessary to complete all the tasks of the Archons in Inazuma. Finally, you will need to complete the peace quest in the Rift "Where does the soul stone come from?", and only after that you can proceed to the "Dangerous Path" mission.

Note: Since this is one of the Archons' quests, which contains many plot details and secrets about the world of Teyvat and the great war that took place 500 years ago, you will not find major spoilers in this guide. We will focus only on going through the main stages of the quest and solving puzzles in detail, of which there will be quite a lot in The Dangerous Path.

Unexpected guest


Once you start the quest, you will need to travel deep into the Rift to meet up with Yan Fei outside of the area where you fought the Ruin Wyrm in the world quest. Yan Fei will ask you not to tell anyone that she is here, which at first sounds extremely suspicious. You will later realize that she is just trying to hide from Itto. In this part of the quest, you will also meet Kuki Shinobu for the first time.

After talking with Arataki Itto, during which he will have to lie, you will go to the center of the area to talk to Yan Fei. At this point, Ye Lan will appear and then Itto will join you after learning that you lied to him. Itto and Ye Lan will get into a heated argument, during which the Geo character will hit the already shaky ground. Of course, no one will have time to react to this action, and after the impact, everyone will fall into a deep hole.

After a rather long dialogue, you will meet Xiao at the entrance to the next location. This location is somewhat reminiscent of the area where you fought Shogun Raiden in her second story quest. This concludes the first part of the "Dangerous Path" mission, after which you will need to go to the "Crane Dance" dungeon in search of an exit.

underground maze


Before entering the next location, you will see a notification that advises you to take a character to your Hydro squad. Of course, this is optional, but since this quest focuses on Ye Lan, it is recommended that you take her or any other Hydro hero to your squad, which will help you in battles with Pyro enemies.

At various locations in the "Dangerous Path" quest, including this one, you can find unique gameplay mechanics. As soon as you enter the dungeon, you will see a mechanism on the right, which is responsible for the rotation of the platform located in front. This will unlock the ladder, which is only visible if you get very close to it. Head to the next platform and fight the fire slimes that appear.

After defeating the enemies, the next mechanism will open. Activate it and head to the next platform and then you'll see some hilichurls to your right. Defeat them and take the rich chest that will appear after the battle. Then interact with the mechanism three times. Once you do, you will see a similar mechanism on the floor in front of you, blocked by a red aura.

Now go to the platform where you defeated the slimes and interact with the mechanism to rotate the platform ahead 180 degrees vertically. Head to the newly opened platform, kill the enemies, activate the mechanism, go to the next platform and finally defeat the two geowishaps to unlock the exit from this location.

As soon as you exit the dungeon, it turns out that you actually got to the very beginning of the location. After a long dialogue, you will need to talk to Itto, Yan Fei, and Ye Lan to complete this part of the Dangerous Path quest.

Danger is everywhere


After completing the first part of the mission, you will need to wait one real day to proceed to the next stage of the quest. After that, a cut-scene will automatically start, in which Yan Fei will reveal an important secret of the dungeon in which you find yourself. The group will be joined by Ye Lan, who managed to discover a new passage.

After following Ye Lan, you will enter a new dungeon called the City of Hidden Runes. Before starting this test, the game will again prompt you to change the composition of the squad and include a Geo character in it (Itto is perfect for this). As soon as you enter the dungeon, a large mechanism will appear in the center of the platform, which, oddly enough, cannot be interacted with. You only need to remember the symbols on either side of the platform.

Next, interact with the blue funnel that is in front of the symbols. You will land on a platform perpendicular to the previous one. Here you will need to step on each symbol from those that were on the previous platform. If everything is done correctly, then enemies will appear that must be defeated. After the battle, sculptors of light will appear on the field, the rays of which you will need to move in the right direction.


You need to take turns solving puzzles with four symbols on each of the four platforms, and then direct the beams of light at the symbols in such a way as to highlight each of them. This process must be repeated four times.

Once you've dealt with all four platforms, you'll unlock a gap in the floor of the fifth platform, which is directly above the first. Approach it to trigger a cutscene with dialogues, and then proceed into the gap. After leaving the dungeon, you will find yourself in front of a mysterious gate, behind which there can be anything, but it depends on who exactly opens it. When it's your turn to go through this gate, you will enter an empty space. Explore it, and sooner or later you will find another gap that will lead you back to other characters.

After completing this part of the quest, you will learn another batch of secrets about this location, after which Yan Fei will help you find Xiao, who will take part in the last stage of the Dangerous Path quest. Again, skip one real day, after which you can start the final part of the mission.

End of the road


By skipping one more day, you will unlock the final part of the "Dangerous Path", and the longest and most difficult. You will need to talk to Xiao, after which you will learn a little more about this place, and also understand why Ye Lan and Xiao got involved in this story. After a while, a heated argument breaks out between them, as Xiao will offer to sacrifice himself for the sake of others.

Arataki Itto will turn his attention to himself to stop the argument and slam his fist on the wall, which will open a new passage to the dungeon. You need to go to a new location, after which you will find yourself in the Realm of insidious illusions. Here you will find various puzzles based on gameplay mechanics from the previous parts of the quest.

  • As soon as you enter the new location, you will see a huge Mystic Compass in the distance and learn that the geography of this place is based on Yan Fei's memories. Defeat the Treasure Thieves and move the little compass to the right once. Don't forget to hit the small tree next to the compass.
  • In this domain, one of the dimensions is time, and you will essentially travel through time every time you pass through the door in the center. When you hit the tree, it will disappear and you can move on to the next segment where you will encounter Ye Lan's memories.
  • Defeat Fatui using Ye Lan and Yan Fei's skills. You will see that a new symbol has appeared on the small compass on the right. If you hadn't hit the small tree earlier, at this stage a huge tree would have grown in its place, blocking the symbol and preventing you from moving the compass needle. Interact with the arrow to move it to the new symbol and open the door on the right side using the mechanism next to it.

Tip: On the platforms, you can find three notes with the memories of Yan Fei, Ye Lan and Xiao. The fourth note can be found on the next platform. It is recommended to collect them all, as they contain important details for the plot.

  • Next, you will dive into Xiao's memories, which can be called the most interesting stage of the quest. After the dialogue, use Xiao's elemental skill to pierce the dark figure with purple eyes, which will trigger a cutscene. Then you will need to kill the spider guarding the Mystic Compass. Move the compass needle to the left side, and then go through the door to find the last note and find out the main secret of the place where you are currently stuck.
  • After that, repeat the previous steps, but this time move the arrow to the new symbol on the compass. When you go through the door this time, you will finally find yourself in the Traveler's memories, where you will find the Mystic Compass and you can retrieve it. After the next cut-scene, the heroes will leave this anomalous place, and the Dangerous Path quest will come to an end.


Successfully completing the Dangerous Path quest will reward travelers with the following rewards:

  • Primogems 60
  • Adventure Experience 4
  • Mora 198 625
  • Hero Experience 19
  • Books of Prosperity, Diligence and Gold Direction 2;
  • Enchant Magic Ore 37.

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That's all you need to know about how to complete the Dangerous Path quest in Genshin Impact. Now you can read our other guides on Genshin Impact, new quests, events and content in the game. Leave your comments below and bookmark our site so you don't miss anything.

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