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Bounce off a tire, water lily and fan in Fortnite

Bounce off a tire, water lily and fan in Fortnite

Week 4 has kicked off in Fortnite with new quests. Here's how to complete the three parts of the "Bounce off the Tire, Water Lily, and Fan" challenge.

Week 4 of Chapter 4 Season XNUMX kicked off in Fortnite the other day, and along with it, new tasks have appeared in the game for which you can earn experience points. To complete them all, you will need to find several objects on the game map and interact with them, as is often the case with weekly quests.


As part of one of the tasks, you will need to bounce off a tire, a water lily, and a fan in order to earn experience points and level up the overall experience bar in the Fortnite Battle Pass. This guide will help you find all three objects needed to complete this quest.

Where to find the tire, fan and water lily on the map in Fortnite


Tires are scattered all over the map in abundance. You can get to any gas station, and with a high probability you will find the right tires on it. The easiest place to find tires is on a drift track (where Nitro Drifters usually spawn), as there are several rows of tires at each corner of the road to keep cars from drifting off the track while drifting.

Fans can be found on top of tall buildings located in Mega City. Jump on the tracks to quickly reach the roofs of skyscrapers, on which you will find fans that you can bounce off.

Water lilies are located in the pond in the southeastern part of the map - in locations with bamboo and cherry trees. Explore the Sakura Village area, where there are several ponds, and you will definitely find water lilies.

To bounce off each of these items, simply run up to them and then jump right on top of them.

The optimal route


This task does not have to be completed in one match, but if you wish, you can do it if you find all three objects. Each of them is located in the southeastern part of the map - in areas added this season. The water lilies spawn on small geyser ponds, so you can get to the pond, bounce off the water lily, and then jump onto the geyser to open the hang glider and fly to the area with the tires. Then you can transfer to the Rogue motorcycle to get to Mega City.

There is also a second route: you can first get to the location with tires, then ride a motorcycle to any pond with water lilies, and then fly on a Mega City hang glider. This is a fairly simple task that can be completed within a few minutes without any problems.

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