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Auto-Aiming Pistol in Fortnite: where to find and how to use

Auto-Aiming Pistol in Fortnite

The new gun in Fortnite fires homing bullets. We tell you how to use it.

Many players were intrigued by the trailer for the current season of Fortnite, which introduced an unusual weapon - an auto-guided pistol. Unfortunately, it was absent at the start of Chapter 4 of the second season, but just the other day, the developers added this unique pistol to Fortnite.

The auto-aiming pistol works exactly as you might have guessed after watching the trailer. This futuristic weapon fires homing bullets that follow the target immediately after being fired. This guide contains everything you need to know about this new pistol.

How to find an auto-aiming pistol in Fortnite

The Auto-Aim Pistol is not the most common weapon, but it is not as rare as you might think. When it was first shown in the trailer, many players thought that one of the most powerful weapons was waiting for them due to its unique ability. As a result, it turned out that this weapon is of blue rarity, which can appear both at the location and in chests with loot.

There are no specific locations in the game that have a higher chance of dropping an auto-guided pistol. Since the list of weapons in Fortnite is very extensive, it is difficult to say exactly where you can find this particular gun. The Auto-Aiming Pistol, like the Tactical Pistol, has a certain probability of appearing in any of the locations on the island.

How to use the auto-aiming pistol in Fortnite


Apparently, the fears of gamers were not confirmed, because the auto-guided pistol turned out to be a fairly balanced weapon. It is designed for specific situations that occur periodically during the game.

According to the description of the auto-aiming pistol, it is recommended to use it when you are trying to aim at a fast-moving enemy or when you yourself are moving around the map at high speed. When you aim with this pistol, a blue circle appears on the screen. If you manage to keep a moving target within this circle, purple bars will begin to appear (there may be four in total). Each of the purple divisions represents one bullet. Thus, if you accumulate all divisions and start shooting, four homing bullets will fly at the enemy at once.

Note: If there is any building between you and the enemy, then the bullets will not reach him, because they are not able to break through the walls.

And while the auto-aiming pistol isn't great for casual firefights, it can be used when you or an enemy are moving along rails, down a zipline, or riding a Rogue motorcycle.

That's everything you need to know about where to find and how to use the auto-aim pistol in Fortnite. Also check out other Fortnite guides, new legendary challenges, quests and a new update to the game. Leave your comments and bookmark us.

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