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Genshin Impact Winner 7: How to Complete the Achievements

Winner 7 in Genshin Impact

Patch 3.6 introduces a new set of achievements from the Victorious series with new bosses and enemies. Completing these quests will reward you with 55 Primogems and a Name Card!

With Update 3.6, Genshin Impact has added another set of achievements from the Winner series. It includes 8 different challenges and 6 opponents to defeat. If you pass all the challenges and collect all the achievements, you will receive 55 Source Stones and an exclusive Name Card!

Achievements with Dendro Hypostasis in Genshin Impact

Waste Spikes (5 Source Stones)


Use Pyro to burn all the thornbushes created by Dendro Hypostasis during the Ring of Thorns attack.


During an attack from a ring of spikes, Zain moves to the center of the arena and turns into a tree. During this attack, spikes will begin to appear, starting from the outer ring and gradually moving towards the center of the arena. It lasts for about 5 seconds, during which you need to quickly burn all the spikes before Zain completes his attack. An explosion of Bennet's elements can destroy all the spikes at once, but here it is important to guess the moment. Xiang Ling's elemental explosion is also suitable for this task.

Achievements with Holy Enemies in Genshin Impact

Taste (5 Source Stones)


Paralyze the following enemies with the power of Absorption Energy Block: Sacred Red Vulture, Sacred Scorpion, Sacred Flying Serpent, Sacred Horned Crocodile, Sacred Fanged Beast.


You will need to find five different sacred opponents and paralyze them with the power of the Absorption energy block. For this, any elemental attacks will do, it will be much faster to apply the same element to blocks.

For example, use Pyro attacks to block the red vulture, Electro attacks in the case of the Scorpion block, etc. This will allow you to destroy a particular block and then hit the corresponding holy opponent to paralyze him.

Where to find sacred enemies

sacred red vulture


Travel to the teleport point in the north of the Steel Dunes, and then move south until you find a red vulture.

sacred scorpion


Head to the northwest teleportation point of Dune Pirsest and head northeast until you reach the scorpion.

Holy Flying Serpent


Travel to the Unut Seteha teleportation point and turn around. Next, enter the cave and move on until you reach the flying kite.

sacred horned crocodile


Move to the teleportation point located in the north of the Asipattravan swamp, and then go down to the canyon in the east, where you will find a crocodile.

Holy fanged beast


Move to the teleportation point located in the southwest of the Tuniga gap and move southeast until you get to the very center of the gap. You will see a fanged beast guarding a treasure chest.

Achievements with Shoki no Kami in Genshin Impact

Sounds like a hopscotch game? (5 Source Stones)


During one trial of Shoki no Kami, activate all elemental matrices.


In the first phase of the fight with Shoki no Kami, there are 6 matrices in the arena, and you need to activate them all (even the double Electro). Wait for Scaramuccia to use any attacks for Energy Cubes to appear in the arena. These blocks will come in handy for charging the latest Akashic terminal. Once you have it fully charged, stand on any Matrix and press T to activate it. Repeat this process to activate all matrices.

Mutual Defense (10 Source Stones)


Destroy Shoki no Kami's shield when it unleashes a powerful barrage of attacks.


A flurry of attacks looks like this.

A flurry of attacks can be seen in the second phase of the fight, when Scaramuccia stands up to his full height and creates many spheres from which projectiles continuously fly out, following the purple circles on the floor. At this point, you need to destroy his shield (the white bar under his health bar) using Akash's newest terminal. Ideally, you need to charge the terminal before this attack, so that you can quickly break Scaramucci's shield at the right time. Usually, before a flurry of attacks, the boss scatters Cryo, Pyro or Hydro bombs around the arena.

Achievements with Unut Setekh in Genshin Impact

This is the real Guardian of the Four Winds! (5 Source Stones)


During one trial of Unut Setekh, activate the erosion ball dispersal reaction with Cryo, Pyro, Electro, and Hydro attacks respectively.


Erosion Orbs are floating Anemo Orbs.

Erosion Balls is one of Unut's most powerful attacks, during which he flies into the air and creates several Anemo Orbs. You need to damage these spheres with Cryo, Pyro, Electro and Hydro attacks.

It is recommended to take archers with the appropriate elements into the squad and use their charged attacks. Keep in mind that once the first two erosion balls dissipate, Unut Setekh will be paralyzed. Thus, in order to get the achievement, you will have to destroy these orbs in two runs - two orbs at a time.

Achievements with Monstrous Baptist in Genshin Impact

Alienation… (10 Source Stones)


Defeat the Monstrous Baptist without breaking its protective dome.


During combat, the Baptist periodically creates elemental shields (from Hydro, Pyro, Electro, or Cryo). To get the achievement, you need to defeat him without destroying any of these shields. So you have to wait for him to lower his shield and deal as much damage as possible to him in a short period of time until he raises his next elemental shield.

Exclusion Method (5 Source Stones)


Defeat the Monstrous Baptist who has absorbed all the powers of the elements.


The Monstrous Baptist changes elemental combos daily, so you'll have to fight him four times to get this achievement. All possible elemental combinations of the boss are listed below:

1. Pyro + Hydro + Electro

2. Pyro + Hydro + Cryo

3. Electro + Hydro + Cryo

4. Electro + Pyro + Cryo

Apep Oasis Guardian Achievements in Genshin Impact

Like the Movement of the Sun (10 Source Stones)


Defeat Apep the Oasis Guardian without being affected by the waves of the apocalypse.


Waves of the Apocalypse is an attack from the third phase of the fight. Before he starts using it, three Hymn of Resurrection domes will appear around the boss. You need to wait out the waves of the apocalypse in one of these domes, and then return to the arena and attack the Oasis Guardian Apepa. If you never take damage from the waves of the apocalypse and defeat the boss, you will be able to get this achievement.

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