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Similar to the movement of the sun in Genshin Impact: how to get the achievement

Similar to the movement of the sun in Genshin Impact

Complete the "Defeat Apep the Oasis Guard without being affected by the apocalypse" to unlock the achievement.

Similar to the movement of the sun in Genshin Impact, this is an achievement that can be obtained during the passage of one of the boss fights. The conditions for obtaining the achievement are as simple as possible, but require special attention and reaction from the player, since during the battle with the boss you will have to evade his abilities and not fall under the influence of the ultimate ability.

In this guide, we will figure out where the boss is located, what is required to unlock the achievement and how to do it.

How to get Like the Sun in Genshin Impact achievement

The dungeon where the boss we need is located between Mount Timir and the lands of the Three Channels. We teleport to an already open dungeon and just get to the boss to start the battle.


A separate guide for defeating the Apep Oasis Guardian (first encountered during the quests of the legends of Nahida) in a separate article. To unlock the achievement, we start the battle and bring the boss to the second phase, after which he begins to use a special ultimate ability - waves of the apocalypsewhich we need to avoid. If you have been affected by this ability at least once, the achievement will not be counted, you will have to start the boss fight again.

How not to fall under the influence of the waves of the apocalypse

Once the first phase is completed, the cocoon defense phase begins. We pass this stage, after which the boss returns to the arena and the second phase of the battle begins. We begin to attack until an inscription appears on the screen that the boss is going to use the waves of the apocalypse. At this moment, a green dome appears on the arena, under which we need to stand in order to avoid the effect of this ability.


As soon as the dome disappears, we continue the battle with the boss until we completely defeat him. If the wave hits the heroes, you will have to start the boss fight again.


The reward for unlocking the achievement is x10 primogems.


Video guide

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