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The Blue Figure's Order in Dredge: where to find and how to get through

Requesting the blue piece in Dredge

Guide to the side quest of the Red Figure in Dredge, in which you need to catch three types of mackerel.

The Blue Figure's Request is one of several side quests in Dredge. After meeting the stranger in the blue hoodie, you will need to catch three types of mackerel in order to feed him.

This guide will tell you where to find all the necessary fish to complete the Blue Figure's quest in Dredge.

Where can I find the Blue Shape in Dredge?

The mysterious stranger in the blue hoodie is located on the island to the east of Basalt Island, namely in square M7. Talk to him to start the side quest.

Walkthrough of the Blue Figure's quest in Dredge

It is worth noting that the Blue piece's assignment is limited in time. If you take on this quest, but do not bring a single fish to a stranger, then after a few days on the island you will find his corpse. In this case, it will be impossible to complete the task. Fortunately, this is an optional quest, and you can get to the final Dredge without completing it.

Since you will need to visit three different areas to complete the quest, it is recommended to install an improved engine and the Appearance ability before this so that you can move faster through local waters.

Catch Blue Mackerel

Blue mackerel can be found in the waters around Great Salt at several points located near the starting location. Even an ordinary fishing rod is suitable for this, and you need to go fishing in the daytime.

Catch Tiger Mackerel


Tiger mackerel is found near Storm Rocks, and can only be caught during the daytime with a regular fishing rod. The most convenient fishing spots are located near the Dusty Pontoon.

Catch Snake Mackerel

Serpentine mackerel is found in the Devil's Backbone region, and can only be caught during the daytime with a regular fishing rod, as is the case with the previous two types of fish. There are several habitats for serpentine mackerels in this region.


After completing all three tasks of the Blue figure, you can get a unique book called “We Bargain. Benefits for profitable deals. After reading it, the cost of all your items during the sale will increase by 5%, and during the purchase you will be able to purchase any item from merchants with a 5% discount.

That's all you need to know about how to find the blue figure in Dredge and how to complete the quest. Now you can read our other game guides. Leave your comments below and bookmark our site so you don't miss anything.

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