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Fragmentum Signs in Honkai Star Rail: Where to Find Wubbabu Beacons (Difficulty 1, 2, 3)

During the mission "Signs of the Fragmentum" you need to find all the Wubbabu and collect data from all their beacons.

Honkai: Star Rail includes many side quests and hidden missions, so the locations presented in the game can be explored for hours. Some of these quests are intertwined with each other, so you need to consistently complete the quests found in order to gain access to new side missions.

One of these quests is "Signs of the Fragmentum", during which you will need to collect data from several Wubbaboo beacons. This is far from the most difficult task in the game, however, there may be some problems with the search for Wubbaboo, since they are hiding in different parts of the Hertha space station. This guide will help you find them all.

How to start the "Signs of the Fragmentum" quest in Honkai: Star Rail

To start the "Signs of the Fragmentum" quest in Honkai: Star Rail, you first need to complete Asta's companion mission "You Know Me".


After its completion, the quest "Signs of the Fragmentum" will appear in the quest log.


After that, head to the Storage Area and speak with the Security Investigator to start the "Signs of the Fragmentum" quest in Honkai: Star Rail. This mission includes three stages, in each of which you need to extract data from all Wubbaboo beacons using the camera.

Where to find all Wubbabu Beacons in Honkai: Star Rail

Beacon 1 (Difficulty 1)


At this stage, you need to find four Wubbabs with data beacons, the first of which is right in front of you.

Tip: The camera button will flash if there is a Wubbaboo or an enemy nearby, so keep an eye on this indicator to quickly find all the hidden Wubbaboos. If you point the camera at the enemy, then in battle he will receive 50% more damage.

Beacon 2 (Difficulty 1)


Next, enter the room with a large hologram at the entrance. The second Wubbabu is right above the doorway.

Beacon 3 (Difficulty 1)


From this room there are two paths leading to the left and right respectively.


First go to the right to collect data from the Wubbabu beacon located at the far end of the corridor, and then go back and follow the left corridor.

Beacon 4 (Difficulty 1)


This path will lead you to the red door, which is guarded by the enemy. Defeat him, and then scan the data from the Wubbabu beacon, which is located on the side.

Beacon 1-2 (Difficulty 2)

In the second stage of the test, you will need to collect data from five Wubbabu beacons.


The first one is located under the platform you find yourself on at the beginning of the challenge, and the second one can be found inside the room near the blue hologram.

Beacon 3 (Difficulty 2)


From this room there are two ways along the stairs located on the left and right sides of the compartment.


First, take the stairs on the right, and then follow the corridor until you reach the Unearthly Material puzzle. Solve it to go forward along the platforms and then find Wubbaba hiding in the corner.

Beacon 4-5 (Difficulty 2)


Now return to the compartment where you found the second Wubbaba and go up the stairs to the left. She will lead you to a room with two doors, behind each of which you can find one Wubbab.


The Wubbabu behind door A is hiding under the bridge, and the Wubbabu behind door B is right above the doorway.

Beacon 1 (Difficulty 3)


In the final part of the test, you will again need to find five Wubbabu. Head west first. The first Wubbabu is under the bridge.

Beacon 2 (Difficulty 3)

The second beacon is on a platform that can be accessed by solving the Unearthly Material puzzle.


Beacon 3 (Difficulty 3)

Once you've collected data from the second Wubbabu's beacon, head back to the bridge.


Turn left on the bridge and use the camera to find the third Wubbaba under the elevator in the center of the hall.

Beacon 4 (Difficulty 3)


Next, go east, where there are two doors marked on the screenshot: A and B.


In front of door A is another puzzle called "Unearthly Material". Solve it, enter the room and immediately turn around to see the fourth Wubbaba.

Beacon 5 (Difficulty 3)


Finally, behind door B you will see two more doors. You need to enter on the right. Follow the corridor until you find Wubbaby above the doorway near the purple and green containers. But be careful, as this location is patrolled by one enemy.


For successfully completing the Signs of the Fragmentum, trailblazers will receive the following rewards:

  • 180 Star Jades
  • 12 Adventure Logs.
  • 12 Condensed Aether
  • 24 Credits
  • Full set Guardian of the snowstorm.

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That's all you need to know about completing the Fragmentum Signs quest in Honkai Star Rail. Now you can read our other guides on new quests, events and content in the game. Leave your comments below and bookmark our site so you don't miss anything.

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