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Meteor Shower Summoner in Genshin Impact: how to start and complete the quest [guide]

Meteor shower summoner in Genshin Impact

The Meteor Shower Caller in Genshin Impact is a new quest from Patch 3.7 as part of the second part of Yoimiya's Legends. During the assignment, we have to help Yoimiya get to Akdemiya in the capital of the dendro region, because she wants to look at a real meteor shower, and the Academy can tell you where and how to do it. Naturally, it will not do without additional and unforeseen problems.

In this guide, we will figure out how to start and complete the task, what is required for this, what stages it consists of and what reward you can get at the end.

How to start the Meteor Shower Summoner quest in Genshin Impact

This is the first quest of the second chapter of Yoimiya's Legends quests, so there are several conditions that must be met in order to gain access to the quest. There are quite a few requirements, but all of them must be fulfilled without fail:

  • Level must be at least 40;
  • Complete the previous chapter of Yoimiya's Legends, since this is a direct continuation of the storyline and nothing will come of it without completing the previous storyline;
  • Complete "Fleeting Dreams" and "Aranar World";
  • Have one legend key, which is used to access quests.

Now just open the legends menu, select Yoimiya, spend one key, press the agree button.


It remains only to open the quest log, select the desired quest as active and start execution. Below in the article we will consider a phased passage with all the subtleties.

Genshin Impact Caller Meteor Shower Walkthrough

Go to Naganohara Fireworks

Our first destination is the city of Inazuma. We teleport to the nearest point (indicated in the screenshot) and on foot we get to the quest marker, where we should meet with an old friend.


Jump from the teleport point and fly down. We get to the indicated place.


On the spot we become a witness of the girl talking to her father and telling him about her travel plans. She wants to see a meteor shower and is willing to do anything to get it.


At some point, we intervene in the dialogue. We listen to the thoughts of the characters, we suggest going to the Academy, because there you can learn a lot about meteorites and stars. Perhaps it is there that they will give a hint where you can see a meteor shower.


We are waiting for the end of the dialogue. 

Set sail for the port of Rito Island

The next quest marker is on Rito Island, right next to the port teleporter. Teleport to this point.


You need to go with an old friend to the capital of the Dendro region to learn more about the next meteor shower. 


The quest marker is right next to the teleportation point. We approach and wait for the loading screen, after which the dialogue begins.

Talk to Yoimiya

We talk with the girl, after which, during the cutscene, we board the ship and find ourselves in Port Ormos, from where we need to get to the capital of the region.


We are waiting for the completion of the dialogue, after which we go for a short walk.

Stroll around Port Ormos

We walk around the neighborhood and go towards the glowing area on the mini-map. Having reached the indicated place, we observe a small cut-scene and dialogue.


We find ourselves at a toy store where they sell aranar dolls that look like real ones, which makes Paimon and the Traveler suspicious. 


We are waiting for the end of the dialogue.

Go to the city of Sumeru

It's time to go to the region's dendro capital to visit the Academy and learn about the meteor shower. We open the map and teleport to the nearest point, then on foot we get to the quest marker.


Having reached the place, another dialogue begins. Eimiya never ceases to be amazed at how beautiful the dendro region is. She is especially impressed with the capital, where there are large bazaars and many attractions.


Go to the Academy

Eimiya wants to stay a little and look around the area and asks us to find out something about meteor showers on our own. We leave it in the city, and we ourselves go to the Academy.


The academy is not far from the place of conversation with Eimia, so you can just walk to the quest marker. Now we go inside and run forward.


We go around the fountain and go through the arch. The dialogue starts immediately.


First, we talk with Paimon, after which Nahida suddenly appears, who also arrived at the Academy on her own business.


However, Nahida reveals the sad truth - we won't be able to see the meteor shower. But there is another way out, but for this you first need to complete a number of small assignments. Nahida can show Eimiya a beautiful meteor shower through dreams. This is the only way out, otherwise the girl will be disappointed. We are waiting for the end of the dialogue, discussing everything that happened with Paimon. Now we need to get back to Yoimiya.

Return to Treasure Street and look for Yoimiya

From the Academy we jump and fly down the platforms towards the bazaar, where our friend was last seen. She is somewhere nearby. We go towards the quest marker.


Having reached the desired area, we see Yoimiya talking to some girl. 

Leave the Academy and talk to Paimon

We wait until Yoimiya finishes his conversation with that girl, after which we talk and, together with Paimon, talk about the plans. We are waiting for the completion of the dialogue, along with the dialogue, the task also ends.



For the successful completion of Calling Meteor Shower, travelers will receive the following rewards:

  • Mora (31125 units);
  • Hero experience (4 units);
  • Magic ore of strengthening (7 units);
  • Adventure experience (500 units).

Video guide

That's all you need to know about how to complete Caller Meteor Shower in Genshin Impact. Now you can read our other guides on Genshin Impact, new quests, events and content in the game. Leave your comments below and bookmark our site so you don't miss anything.

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