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Path design in Genshin Impact: how to make a path and what materials to use

Path design in Genshin Impact

In this task, you need to build the best route, covering all control points and using as few resources as possible.

The Triumph of the Mind event is the main event of Patch 3.6 in Genshin Impact, and it includes several exciting quests. Each of these missions contains a number of challenges that offer valuable rewards, including Source Stones, Instructions, Morata, and many other resources. After completing all the quests from this event, you will receive a free character as a reward - Faruzan. Various tasks in the Triumph of the Mind event are divided into several stages that open once a day, so new interesting challenges await players every day.


One of the new quests is Designing the Path. This quest will unlock after you complete the Triumph of the Mind opening quest and talk to a specific NPC. During this test, you will need to plot the best route using limited resources. The fewer materials you need to create a path, the more final rewards you will receive.

How to complete the "Designing the Path" quest in Genshin Impact


By starting this test, you will be transported to a separate location with several platforms and checkpoints installed on them. The design of the challenge is similar to the process of selecting furniture for the Kettle of Serenity, however, you have limited resources (various items and materials) at your disposal. You need to make a route that will cover all the checkpoints from start to finish, and you will not be able to change characters to make the task easier. Once you've created a path, you'll need to follow it by running, jumping, and flying. Keep in mind that some items can be vertically aligned, while others can only be placed at certain points on the platforms.

If during the test run you fail to reach the finish line after passing through all the checkpoints, you can return to build mode and move the already installed items or place new ones. There is no time limit for this test.

Tips for completing Path Design with a minimum score


It is important to consider the cost and benefits of each facility in this trial. Small boulders and wooden platforms consume little resources, so it is recommended to install them in different parts of the route. Also pay attention to jumping mushrooms - although they cost more points, however, they give you the opportunity to jump high and then fly to the next control point. To save points, you can choose not to return to the starting area and make your way in such a way that you can fly to the last checkpoint.

Passing the "Path Design 1" challenge in Genshin Impact


There are many effective strategies to help you stay within the 800 point limit on this challenge. One example is shown in the screenshot above. By building the route in this way, you will only get 445 points, however, if you find it difficult to pass all the checkpoints in the test mode, you can add a few items to the location to make it easier to run.

It is recommended to plan the route in such a way that first of all cover the eastern or northern control points, leaving finally the one located in the western part of the location. The fact is that you can get to this point only with the help of a jumping mushroom, but if you visit it at the very beginning of the path, then to return you will have to install additional items on the location.


After completing the first stage of the Designing the Path quest, you will receive a good set of rewards, which includes 300 source stones, 100 festival excitement points, as well as various resources for leveling characters like talent books and hero experience.

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