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Molten Fortress in Genshin Impact: how to open and complete the dungeon

Molten Fortress in Genshin Impact

The Molten Fortress in Genshin Impact is a dungeon from patch 3.6, from where you can knock out a number of valuable rewards and artifacts. Found in the expanded desert area from update 3.6, where the main enemies are the mitachurls and hilichurls. The goal is to destroy enemy squads using special buffs - the arteries of the earth.

In this guide, we will figure out where and how to find this dungeon, how to open access, what difficulties may arise during the passage, which units to take and what reward is provided at the end.

Where to find the Molten Fortress in Genshin Impact

The dungeon is on its way to a new expanded desert area, where the Bet People storyline takes place.


We get to the place and begin the passage.

How to open the Molten Fortress dungeon in Genshin Impact

To access the dungeon, you just need to get to the entrance. We just go through the storyline of the Dendro region and sooner or later we get to the right place. It remains just to interact with the entrance, select the difficulty level and start the passage.


The easiest way to get there is from the nearest teleport. If you have interacted with the dungeon before, you can teleport directly to the entrance.

What kind of dungeon is the Forsaken Stronghold

It is important to correctly determine the level of difficulty, otherwise, difficulties may arise during the passage. The higher the difficulty level, the more dangerous the opponents, but the higher the chance of getting a rarer reward (for example, legendary sets of artifacts). This dungeon has only 4 difficulty levels.


Next to each difficulty level, you can find information about possible rewards. In addition, you should pay attention to the “Recommended squad level” tab, where a level of at least 90 is recommended for maximum difficulty, otherwise the enemies may be too strong.


During the passage, you can use the so-called arteries of the earth, which give buffs that facilitate the passage. Do not forget that in order to receive a reward, you need to spend Primordial Resin (x20 units) or Thick Resin (x1), otherwise it is impossible to receive a reward.

Enemies of the Molten Fortress Dungeon

Enemies also change depending on the difficulty level. Apart from mitachurls and hilichurls, there will be no other enemies there, but depending on the difficulty level, their type will change. At the very first level, there are no new types of hilichurl outcasts that were added with patch 3.6, but starting from the second level of difficulty, they can be found during the passage of the dungeon. 

  • They do not meet at the first level;
  • On the second level there is an anemo outcast;
  • At the third level, there is a hydro-outcast;
  • The last level has both anemo and hydro outcasts.

Information about enemies can be viewed in the description of the dungeon, during the selection of the difficulty level.

Which characters to take in the Molten Fortress dungeon

To make a choice, you should first consider the buff that acts in the arena. To activate this buff, the presence of a dendro of heroes is required. Our goal is to activate Dendro Reactions to get a bonus to Elemental Mastery. Therefore, first of all, characters of this element and characters that can interact with the dendro (for example, hydro heroes) are required.



Let's take a look at a few heroes that are ideal for making up a squad for the passage of the Molten Fortress.

  • blankNahida. An excellent character to complete this dungeon for several reasons. She can do pretty good damage on her own. Nahida buffs allies by increasing their elemental mastery, which stacks with the bonus from earth arteries. Attaches Dendro status to almost all enemies, which allows you to create powerful elemental reactions and deal a lot of damage.
  • blankYao Yao. A good support with the ability to maintain dendro status on opponents. It has a lot of healing, due to which it provides protection for the squad.
  • blankTignari. Can deal a lot of damage and give dendro status. However, Tignari is effective against single targets, inflicting a large amount of damage on a specific target, and there will be many enemies in the arena. This feature can be used to eliminate the strongest mobs first.
  • blankDendro GG. Universal dendro character. The role directly depends on the build. Can apply dendro status to activate reactions and buff the arena.
  • blankKaveh. Powerful character with a lot of dendro damage. The main feature is the ability to deal AOE damage, which is very useful against a group of enemies, as in the case of the Molten Fortress.
  • blankBai Zhu. A hero who is primarily taken to protect the squad thanks to a good shield, a large amount of healing and own damage.
  • blankAl-Haytham. Good dendro DD. It can be a good option during the passage of the dungeon.
  • blankCollei. Can impose a status on enemies to further create reactions.
  • blankNile. A good character to create reactions with the aforementioned characters. In addition, it buffs the MC of allies. A good choice for most squads.
  • blankAyato. A powerful hydro hero with the ability to hang the appropriate status. In addition, it can independently deal a lot of damage, due to which the overall DPS of the squad increases.
  • blankKokomi. Similarly with the previous character: AOE hydro status, a lot of damage, but in addition, it can provide protection for the squad through healing, which is indispensable against strong enemies.
  • blankMona Can hang hydro status and deal damage without even being on the battlefield, due to which it is a good option for some units.
  • blankXing Qiu. Hydro status, healing, everything you need to protect and buff the squad.
  • blankDahya. Pyro is a character with the appropriate status to create reactions with the dendro element and activate the arena buff. Has a lot of own damage.
  • blankDilyuk. May create reactions with dendro through infusion. A lot of pyro damage through E-shku. It can pull enemies into one place, which will greatly facilitate the destruction of crowds of opponents. 
  • blankXian Lin. Can hang status and deal damage without being on the battlefield.
  • blankTom. If the game is going through an elemental mastery build, the character might be a good choice. In addition, due to its shield, even through other assemblies, it shows itself well.
  • blankSayno. Can create reactions with dendro + electro. In addition, it has a large amount of damage, due to which it can destroy opponents (through the build on the main damage) even without the arena bonus.
  • blankShinobu. Easily attaches electro status to create reactions with dendro and heals.
  • blankYae Miko. The hero can deal damage both while on the battlefield and from pocket mode.
  • blankRaiden. Can act as a support with an emphasis on energy recovery if the main hero needs this parameter.


Now let's look at a few ready-made units. Please note that these are just examples. Genshin Impact is a versatile game where you can make any units and any builds, depending on your own preferences. 

  • blankAl-Haytham, blankNile, blankKokomi, blankTignari. Great squad for this dungeon. Everything you need is there: a distraction from Tignari, a lot of damage from Al-Haytham, the ability to create reactions with the Dendro element + a lot of healing.
  • blankYe Lan, blankKaveh, blankTom, blankBai Zhu. Another squad with two dendro characters. Toma hangs a shield, thereby giving the squad pyro damage. The squad has a lot of damage. You can easily activate the arena buff to get a bonus to MC and increase further elemental damage.
  • blankSayno, blankxing qiu, blankshinobu, blankNahida. As mentioned above, Saino is a very powerful damage dealer on his own and with the right build, even without activating the buff, he can deal with hilichurls and mitachurls. At the same time, thanks to Nahid, you can activate the arena buff, create reactions and get additional elemental mastery.
  • blankDilyuk, blankYao Yao, blankYae Miko, blankMona At the beginning of the rotation, Yae Miko's abilities are used, after which she leaves the battlefield, but does not stop dealing damage and placing a status on opponents. Dendro reaction is created by Yao Yao's abilities.
  • blankXiang Ling, blankCollei, blankLisa, blankBarbara. A unit with good defense and a lot of damage. Easily activate arena buffs, need elemental mastery.
  • blankDendro GG, blanknoelle, blankBarbara, blankAmber. Dendro traveler can act both as a support and as a main damage dealer. 

The best consumables

Consumables play a very important role in completing any dungeons (and not only), as they provide a number of different bonuses. Thanks to consumables, you can increase the damage done, get protection from a certain element, increase attack power, crits and other parameters. For example, to increase the damage from pyro, hydro, cryo, anemo, electro, geo, elemental dendro, you can use fire oil, whirlpool oil, frost oil, storm oil, thunder oil, essence of immobility and forest oil, respectively.

No less useful consumables are dishes that you can purchase or make yourself. There are a lot of them with a variety of effects, it's impossible to list them all. For example, to increase damage in various ways (attack power, chance and damage from crits, etc.), you can use Adept's Temptation, cold cuts, fragrant mashed potatoes and delicious "Grow a Mountain".

To increase protection/healing, you can use the Three Flavors Soup, Lotus Cookies, delicious unagi chazuke, and other dishes.

These are just some of the consumables. There are dozens of them in the world of Genshin Impact, don't forget about them, they will help make the passage much easier.

Walkthrough of the Molten Fortress dungeon in Genshin Impact

To complete the dungeon, you just need to defeat the enemies. There is no specific passage tactics, but using the recommendations below, you can greatly facilitate the passage.

  • Try to activate the arteries of the earth (arena buff) to increase the mastery of the elements as much as possible. This can be done by simply creating reactions with dendro. To do this, take characters with dendro + electro, pyro, hydro elements to the team. These reactions will help to deal a lot of damage and at the same time get a buff, which in turn will increase elemental damage.
  • It is recommended to take a ranged hero (or ranged abilities) as the main damage dealer or sapp-dd.
  • Team up with characters with a shield or heal to provide protection. This task will be further facilitated by the consumables that we indicated above in the article.
  • Do not cryo characters, as not only can they not activate the arena buff, but they can also freeze themselves due to the abilities of the outcast hydro hilichurl.


For completing the dungeon, you can get a number of valuable rewards, including artifacts. Here is a list of available awards:

  • blankA set of artifacts “Dream of a nymph” (4 and 5 stars);
  • blankSet of artifacts “Radiance of Vurukashi” (4 and 5 stars);
  • blankSet “Scientist” (3 and 4 stars);
  • blankSet “Warrior” (3 and 4 stars);
  • blankMora (up to x3525 units);
  • blankFriendship experience (up to 20 units);
  • blankAdventure experience (100 units).

Video guide

That's all you need to know about how to open the Molten Fortress dungeon in Genshin Impact and how to complete it. Now you can read our other guides on Genshin Impact, new quests, events and content in the game. Leave your comments below and bookmark our site so you don't miss anything.

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