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Revolver "Killer7" in Resident Evil 4 Remake: how to get and whether to buy

Killer7 revolver in Resident Evil 4 Remake

The Killer7 Revolver is one of the most powerful weapons in RE4 Remake, however it does come with a few downsides.

The plot of Resident Evil 4 Remake tells about the adventures of agent Leon Kennedy, who is trying to save the kidnapped Ashley Graham from the tenacious clutches of a creepy cult. To find her, Leon will have to fight his way through hordes of infected peasants, but his starting weapon leaves a lot to be desired.

Fortunately, more powerful weapons will start to come across to him pretty quickly, so you can regularly replenish your arsenal with new shotguns, rifles and revolvers. During the passage of the story campaign, you will find a couple of dozen unique guns, one of the best among which is the Killer7 revolver.

Where to find the Killer7 revolver in Resident Evil 4 Remake

Despite their modest appearance, the revolvers from the Resident Evil 4 remake are capable of inflicting impressive damage to all the enemies that you meet during the passage. The first revolver can be purchased in Chapter 7 from the Merchant - this is the "Dead Butterfly", carried over directly from the original RE4. However, if you want to get Killer7's revolver, you'll need to get to Chapter 13.

Starting from this moment, a new weapon will appear in the Merchant's assortment - the powerful Killer7 revolver, which can be purchased at any time until the very end of the game. You will have to pay a substantial amount for it - as much as 77 pesetas. The Killer700 is quite an expensive weapon, but if you want to get the Gunfan achievement, sooner or later you will have to buy this revolver.

Is it worth buying the Killer7 revolver in Resident Evil 4 Remake


The Killer7 revolver will most likely be one of the last weapons Leon gets in Resident Evil 4 Remake, unless of course you're playing the New Game+ story campaign, where the entire arsenal from the previous run is available to you by default. By Chapter 13, you probably already have a couple of your favorite guns, which you have invested a lot of money in pumping and do not want to part with them. Therefore, you will most likely be put off by the cost of Killer7.

However, Killer7 is the best revolver in the game (among those available from the Merchant), so its price of 77 pesetas is quite justified. The effectiveness of this weapon significantly exceeds the performance of the "Dead Butterfly".

  • Unlike the Dead Butterfly, Killer7 comes with a laser sight by default, which greatly increases the accuracy of shooting.
  • The strength of a fully upgraded Killer7 is 28.0, while the strength of the Dead Butterfly with all upgrades only reaches 27.0.
  • Killer7 has a maximum ammo capacity of 15 rounds, while a fully upgraded Dead Butterfly only holds 10 rounds.
  • A fully upgraded Killer7 has a reload speed of 1.40, while Dead Butterfly has a reload speed of 5.
  • The rate of fire of Killer7 after purchasing all upgrades is 1.16, while that of the Dead Butterfly is 1.33.

If the strength of the weapon is more important to you, then it is recommended to purchase Killer7, since it surpasses the "Dead Butterfly" in this parameter, however, if a high rate of fire is in the first place for you, then you should pump the "Dead Butterfly" to the maximum. There is another revolver in the game, the "Bombard", which is unlocked after beating the story campaign in the "Professional" mode. It outperforms the Killer7 in every way except for its rate of fire, but is much harder to get, so during the first few runs, the Killer7 will be an indispensable revolver.


If by Chapter 13 you have already saved up the required amount, it is better to spend it on the purchase of a Killer7 revolver - the built-in scope alone is enough for this purchase to fully justify itself.

That's all you need to know about how to get the Killer7 revolver in Resident Evil 4 Remake. Now you can read our other game guides. Leave your comments below and bookmark our site so you don't miss anything.

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