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Fury mode in Dead Island 2: what it is and how to use it

Fury mode in Dead Island 2

With the Fury Mode in Dead Island 2, you can tear apart zombies with your bare hands. Explain how to properly use this ability.

The main gameplay of Dead Island 2 is the ruthless extermination of zombies by all available means, including weapons, skills and the unique abilities of the protagonist. There are also firearms in the game, but most often you will use various swords, sticks and other melee weapons, generously scattered throughout all locations. And the most effective way to destroy the undead is with the help of the rage mode.

During the passage of the story campaign, in which you have to clean the streets of Los Angeles from the walking dead, you will sooner or later unlock the rage mode. It, like all sorts of skill cards, is a useful gameplay mechanic that can be used in those moments when there are too many enemies around. This guide will tell you how to unlock the rage mode in Dead Island 2 and how to use it wisely.

What is rage mode in Dead Island 2

When activating the rage mode, the main character enters a state of berserk, drops all his weapons and receives a significant buff to strength. For a limited time, you can tear zombies apart with your bare hands, easily dealing with crowds of opponents around you. Unfortunately, you can only enter rage mode for a short time, and before that you need to charge it.

To activate this mode, fill the rage bar and then press both sticks on the controller (on consoles) or the G button on the PC. The screen will turn into shades of red for the few seconds that the protagonist will be in rage mode.


To be able to use this mode, you must first complete the main quest "Red Mist". During this mission, the hero will find himself in a pit with a crowd of zombies and switch to rage mode to destroy them all. After that, a new indicator will appear in the upper left corner of the screen - the rage scale, which must be filled in order to re-enter the rage mode.

How to fill the rage bar in Dead Island 2


The easiest way to fill the rage bar in Dead Island 2 is to kill all the zombies on the way. Keep in mind that successful counterattacks fill this bar faster. As you level up, you'll unlock additional Skill Cards that will allow you to fill your Fury Gauge faster. For example, one of the skill cards allows you to accumulate rage points for damage taken. Another skill allows you to fill the rage bar whenever you cripple zombies, but at the same time lose rage points after taking damage.

This scale can also be filled with various items, including energy drinks. They are scattered throughout almost all locations and sometimes drop from defeated zombies.

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