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Sangwit in Genshin Impact: where to find, buy and what you need

Sangwit in Genshin Impact

The Sangweet in Genshin Impact is a curiosity of Sumeru from update 3.6, which can be found in the desert region of the Dendro region, Gavireh Lajaward. This important material will most likely be used when crafting some items and leveling heroes (but not in patch 3.6, but in the coming ones).

In this guide, we will figure out how to find Sangwit, where to buy it, how to make it easier to farm, what heroes are best for this, how long it takes to recover and what it is used for.

What is Sangwit in Genshin Impact

From the game files, it can be seen that Sangwit does not take up an ore slot, although this may change before the release of the patch. The curiosity itself looks like an ordinary crystal of bright red-orange color.


In its raw form, Sangwit looks like a piece of ore stone with reddish crystals on it. In the screenshot above, you can see the view of the curiosity in two versions.

How to farm Sangwit in Genshin Impact

Farming the curiosities of any region is a difficult and time-consuming task, as you first need to find out where they are, then overcome a variety of difficulties in order to locate and collect them. Often you have to overcome huge distances, fly a lot with a glider, swim and sprint. There are a few tricks that will help you save a lot of time and make farming easier. This will be helped by a properly composed squad and some consumables that can instantly restore stamina or reduce the waste of stamina for various actions. Let's consider each category separately. Also, to facilitate farming, you can use the interactive map of Teyvat. 

The best characters to farm

It is important to form the right squad. Thanks to their passives, some heroes can discover the curiosities of their regions, while the rest easily cover long distances and can farm easily thanks to their abilities. Below in the list are the heroes that you should take into the squad if you farm a curiosity. 

  • blankTignari. Since Sangvit is a curiosity of the dendro of the region, it is worth taking Tignari into the detachment. The character's passive ability allows you to see the location of curiosities nearby on the mini-map, which greatly simplifies the farming process. If the character is available, be sure to take it.
  • blankNing Guang. Can see ores on the minimap. Although Sangwit is a curiosity, the item takes up an ore slot, so the passive can help with the search if there is no Tignari in the squad.
  • blankventi, blankEmber or blankCollei. These heroes share one passive skill to reduce stamina cost when flying with wings. The buff is quite useful, although it is unlikely that you will need to fly much when farming Sangweet. In any case, if there are problems with stamina, you can take these heroes.
  • blankRazor/blankKazuha/blankHeizo/blankKeya. Universal characters for any farm. To overcome long distances, sprinting is used - fast running, which literally sucks out stamina. But thanks to their passive, the aforementioned characters spend 20% less stamina. 
  • blankNahida. The hero greatly simplifies farming with a long elemental skill that collects resources in a certain radius without interaction. A good choice if the material is in a hard to reach place. 
  • blankKokomi/blankBay Dou. Heroes are often used to farm other curiosities, since swimming costs 1/5 less stamina. However, there are no particularly large reservoirs in the desert, which is why the characters, although they can be taken, will not be of much use as from other buffs. 
  • blankMona/blankAyaka. Similar to Kokomi and Bei Dou - they can easily cross water bodies due to a special sprint, but in desert conditions this is a dubious buff.
  • blankKandakia/blankXiao. Characters for all occasions. Make climbing easier by reducing stamina cost by 1/5, allowing you to climb into the most inaccessible places. 
  • blankAnemo heroes. If Anemo Resonance works (requires 2 Anemo heroes in the squad), the movement speed of the entire squad is increased by 10%, and the stamina savings for all actions is 15%.
  • blankZhong Li/blankRazor. Thanks to their E-shki, they can easily destroy the stone shell to collect Sangweet.
  • blankSayu. Can cover great distances in a short time. 
  • blankScaramuccia. Thanks to the E-shke, it easily overcomes long distances and climbs high, easily collects materials on rocks and other hard-to-reach places.
  • blankRosary/blankDahya. The first increases the unit's movement speed at night, and the second - during the day. The buff is 10%.

To get Sangweet, you first need to destroy the stone shell. Characters with two-handed weapons can easily cope with this, so it makes sense to take those.

Food for farm

Do not forget about consumables that can help out at the most dangerous moment. Below we will consider two types of consumables: dishes that reduce the consumption of stamina and dishes that instantly restore stamina. 

  • blankcreamy stew, blankSolyanka archon, blankLotus egg soup. All of these dishes have the same effect - reducing stamina consumption while flying and sprinting by up to 20% for as much as 15 minutes, which is enough for comfortable farming.
  • blanksmoked chicken, blanknoodles "Gifts of the mountains". Dishes with instant stamina recovery effects up to 60 units.

Where to find Sangwit in Genshin Impact

The curio can be farmed in the desert area of ​​the Dendro region. The information will be updated with the release of patch 3.6.

When does Sangwit respawn in Genshin Impact?

If your world has run out of Sangwit, you will have to wait 2 days (real, non-game) from the moment of collecting materials. Only after that it will be possible to start farming again. If you need to farm as soon as possible, you can farm in the world of other players. 

Where to Buy Sangweet in Genshin Impact

In patch 3.6, purchase this curiosity from merchants impossible. It is likely that in the future there will be merchants from whom it will be possible to purchase Sangvit (for example, in souvenir shops). 


Why Sangwit is needed in Genshin Impact

Let's consider what this material is used for (reliable information will appear only with the release of the patch).

Character Ascension

Like other curiosities, Sangwit can be used in leveling some heroes. It is known that with the release of patch 3.6, this material will not be required for any hero. It is likely that such heroes will appear later, in future updates, and for maximum pumping, x168 units of material will be required.


Most likely, the item will be used for crafting magical amplification ore. The recipe for x6 magic ores of enhancement will require the presence of 3 pieces of Sangweet. Information will be updated with the release of the patch!

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