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Svarog Base Certification in Honkai Star Rail [Rot ​​or Burn]

Certification of Svarog Base in Honkai Star Rail

Players must answer two robot certification questions in order to gain access to the Svarog Base in Honkai: Star Rail.

March 7, Dan Heng and the protagonist visit the planet Yarilo-VI in the game Honkai: StarRailto help them solve the problem with Stellaron. However, Stellaron is not common knowledge, so the villagers instead direct comrades to Svarog. Like a long-standing robot, Oleg is sure that Svarog has some invaluable information.

However, Svarog is not one of those who can talk, so players must make great efforts to gain access to a conversation with him. With the help of Sampo, the Pioneers will try to penetrate the Svarog Base. To do this, they must first obtain three certificates from nearby robots. Two of them ask some strange questions and start a fight if the players don't answer, so those who avoid the turmoil can read this article to know the correct answer to the certification robot's question for Svarog Base in the quest Rot or burn.

Who is the reigning champion of the combustion engine rap tournament in Honkai: Star Rail?

When the certification robot asks, Who is the reigning champion of the combustion engine rap tournament? Badrock 88 degrees is the answer.


This can be seen from two sources, one of them is two people talking next to the Robot.


Another source from Eunice. If players want to talk to her and listen to her rap, they will get an achievement that gives five star jades.

Which component should the microcrystalline block be attached to?


When asked, Which component should the microcrystalline block be attached to? — Logic control center correct answer. Players can find the answer to this question by listening to a conversation between two people in front of the Annoyed Certification Robot.


Two Tramps will argue; Serious tramp and suspicious tramp. These two would mention all three options that a certification robot provides, so be sure to read carefully and don't be fooled by their arguments.

Certification Level 3 for Svarog Base in Honkai: Star Rail


Having received two certificates for the Svarog Base in the Robot Settlement, the Pioneers soon learn that another robot is out of order, which leads to an inevitable fight. There are three enemies that players must defeat. All three are easy little enemies, so don't worry too much. However, if players want to prepare in advance, it will be useful to know the weaknesses of each enemy:

  • auto beetle : electricity, wind and imaginary
  • hound autoship: electricity and physical

Given the Elements, players can easily defeat them with pioneer и Tribute to Heng, but also other characters such as ServalArlan и Weltare also good options.

Meeting with Svarog in Honkai Star Rail


As soon as all three certificates of the Svarog Base in Honkai: StarRail obtained, the main character can now open the gate blocking the path. However, once the road is open, there appears to be another gate a few steps ahead. Players must open this gate to see Svarog, but it is apparently locked.

The robot said that only those with Clara's permission can enter and see Svarog, so players must now find the girl somewhere in the mine. After rescuing Clara and helping her fix the car, she eventually agrees to lead you to Svarog. Alas, the discussion will not end well, and players will have to defeat Svarog in order to move forward in the story.

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