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How long will it take to complete Dead Island 2?

How many hours of gameplay in Dead Island 2

The content in the story campaign will last at least 20 hours.

The exciting story adventure in Dead Island 2 includes about 20 hours of content, which includes both main missions, side quests and other exciting activities. This estimated playtime only applies to the first playthrough of the game. Since you will be able to unlock several new characters with their own characteristics, as well as new weapons and equipment in the future, you will definitely want to play the game again in order to collect all the collectibles. Thus, you can spend several dozen hours in Dead Island 2.

Key Points

  • The average time to complete Dead Island 2 will be about 20 hours (this includes the main missions and some of the optional tasks).
  • Side quests and other activities can significantly extend the time spent in the game.
  • Exploring the vast open world will add a few more hours to the duration of Dead Island 2.
  • Due to the presence of cooperative multiplayer, Dead Island 2 has a high replay value.
  • The skill deck system allows for character customization and encourages experimental builds.
  • All six playable characters have unique abilities, so it's a good idea to try them all out.

How long will Dead Island 2 take?

It will take you at least 2 hours to complete Dead Island 20. The duration of the game was revealed by Art Director Adam Olsson and Narrative Designer Lydia Cockerham during an interview with WCCFTech.

  • According to Adam Olsson, these 20 hours include all the main missions, as well as a few side missions and challenges.
  • He also mentioned the presence of collectibles, as well as a cooperative multiplayer mode, as well as the ability to go through the story campaign again, but as a different character.
  • If you're planning to immerse yourself in the world of Dead Island 2, then all these elements will allow you to stretch your adventure for many hours.

Important: Dan Evans-Lewis, developer at Dambuster Studios and technical art director of the game, echoes the words of colleagues and notes that the Dead Island 2 story campaign can be completed in about 20 hours, if you do not try to go platinum.

However, if we take into account the abundance of side quests and collectibles, as well as a huge open world, then the final passage time may well be one and a half or even twice the average duration of the story campaign.

Additional content in Dead Island 2

Side content in Dead Island 2 can significantly stretch the overall time of the game. An adventure awaits you in a rich and detailed world, where a lot of exciting side quests are collected that will help you upgrade the main character and his equipment. In these tasks, you can get new weapons, blueprints and other resources that will be very useful in the fight against the hordes of the undead.

  • Exploring the world will add at least a couple of hours to the final time of passing Dead Island 2.
  • You will be able to explore the numerous streets of Los Angeles, finding secret locations, collectibles and curious Easter eggs.
  • Finds may also include new blueprints, weapon parts, or valuable resources that will make it much easier for you to survive in the Dead Island 2 game world.

What's more, Dead Island 2's cooperative multiplayer is capable of boosting the time spent in the game. You can team up with friends in groups of three to complete various quests together, share resources, and combine your unique skills to create a devastating series of blows. This element allows you to add extra depth to the gameplay.

  • The skill deck system in Dead Island 2 and its variability is also designed to extend the time spent in the game.
  • You can experiment with different character builds and combat styles with customizable skills.
  • These mechanics are there to keep players interested in discovering new abilities and mastering them by trying unusual moves. Thus, the title boasts a varied and dynamic gameplay.

That's why side content greatly increases the overall time to complete Dead Island 2. Numerous side quests, a vast open world, co-op multiplayer, and a skill deck system add up to a captivating and unlike anything else. In other words, there is so much content in Dead Island 2 that the game is able to give countless hours of exciting gameplay both during the first playthrough and in subsequent races.

What is Dead Island 2?

Dead Island 2 is an open-world action-adventure game set in a post-apocalyptic Los Angeles where we have to fight off hordes of zombies. The combat system of the game uses all the successful finds of the original, supplementing them with interesting innovations, thanks to which it is able to pleasantly surprise both fans of the first part and gamers who decide to join the franchise from the sequel. Here there was a place and familiar elements like the rage mode and the crafting system.

  • The game takes place 10 years after the story told in the original Dead Island.
  • After a new outbreak of the zombie virus (even more powerful than the previous one), the US government and military decided to quarantine the entire state of California, turning it into a closed zone infested with zombies.
  • Publisher Deep Silver has confirmed that Dead Island 2 will have six playable characters, two of which have already appeared in the demo shown at the Gamescom presentation.
  • The presence of several protagonists greatly increases the replayability of the project and gives us the opportunity to look at the zombie-infested world of the game from different points of view.


It is already clear that the authors of Dead Island 2 have prepared for us a bright adventure with exciting gameplay. The average time to complete the story campaign will take about 20 hours, during which you will have time to complete all the main missions, as well as superficially familiarize yourself with various side activities.

However, the abundance of additional content, the presence of multiplayer co-op and a customizable skill deck system will allow you to linger in the world of Dead Island 2 for a long time. one and a half or even twice the average duration of the story campaign.

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