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Hidden quests at the Hertha space station in Honkai: Star Rail (reward - hertariums)

Hidden quests at Hertha station in Honkai Star Rail

You can earn a lot of hertariums for completing secret missions at the Hertha Station.

There are many hidden quests scattered throughout the Hertha space station that can be completed to earn Hertariums, the local currency used in the in-game store. To open the menu of this store, you need to talk to the internal purchasing officer, who is located northwest of the spatial anchor in the Central Passage.

This store stocks Star Jades, Upgrade Materials, XNUMX-Star Relics, and Star Passes. With these passes, you can get new characters or light cones in Star Leaps. If you want to buy all the items presented in the store, this guide to hidden quests in the Herta space station in Honkai: Star Rail will come in handy.

Secret quests at the Hertha space station in Honkai: Star Rail

Hidden Quest 1

Talk to Cooking Genius #123 north of the Dimensional Anchor in the Central Passage for 20 Hertariums. And after you reach level 24 and complete the Mastering mission, you will need to talk to the food ordering robot again to get 20 more hertariums.

Hidden Quest 2


Look at the shelf with the yellow marker southeast of the dimensional anchor in the Central Passage on the Hertha Space Station. After that, a page will appear on the table in front of you. Collect it, and then head to the eastern part of the Surveillance Zone.


You need to find Mayr and give her the Note between the pages of the book to get 20 more hertariums.

Hidden Quest 3


Go northwest from the Internal Purchasing Officer to get to the monitor screen.


Examine the screen and listen to the recording of Crises. Next, choose the answers that are related to voting for the song, after which you will receive a disk with this melody and 20 hertariums.

Hidden Quest 4


To the northeast of the Central Passage you will find a guy standing near a chest. As soon as you try to open the chest, the researcher will angrily move to the east of the Receiving Center in the Base Zone.


Approach it again and try to open the chest. It turns out that the explorer's clothes are inside, but your curiosity will be rewarded: you will receive 20 hertariums.

Hidden Quest 5


The next hidden quest in the Hertha space station is related to the Triple Authentication door. She can be found in the right corridor northeast of the Dimensional Anchor in the Reception Center.

Hidden Quest 6


Complete an examination at the health center in the Base Zone, then find Joanna and show her the results of this examination. As a reward, you will receive 20 Hertariums and a Healing Spray.

Hidden Quest 7


Travel to the Support Zone, go to the room in the northwestern part and interact with the table to set up a meeting. For this you will receive 20 hertariums. To participate in this meeting, you will need to return to this room the next day.

Hidden Quest 8


Inspect all the trash cans in the Main Control Zone to earn 20 Hertariums and Commendation of High Morale. First of all, go to the northeast from the Central Passage, where you will find the first batch of tanks (marked with the letter A in the screenshot).


Next, head to the northwest and inspect the second batch of trash cans (letter B on the map above), and then interact with the last cans (marked with the letter C). Once you have inspected all three batches of trash cans, a serious researcher will appear and give you a reward of 20 hertariums.

Hidden Quest 9


Head to the Electrical Substation, interact with the monitor screen and collect the Paper Crane to earn 20 Hertariums.

Hidden Quest 10


Once you've obtained the "Kings Don't Rule Forever" achievement, return to the room with the strange voice. It is located north of the "Special Purpose Laboratory (second floor)" spatial anchor. This time you will already be able to understand what exactly the strange voice is saying - for this you will receive a reward in the form of 20 hertariums.

Hidden Quest 11


Teleport to the dimensional anchor "Outer Control Center Compartment (ground floor)" and head north to find a cup of coffee. Take five sips of it, after which the Pathfinder will pass out and find himself in another part of the space station. For this action, you will receive a reward in the form of 20 hertariums.

Hidden Quest 12


Go to the Storage Area and knock on the broken curiosity a few times to fix it. After that, you will receive a message from Asta, along with an additional 20 Hertariums and two Commendations of High Morale.

Achievements at the Hertha station, for which Hertariums are issued in Honkai: Star Rail


In addition to hidden quests, you have several other ways to get hertariums. To do this, you need to earn the following achievements:

Hidden questAchievementPotential rewards
Water the strange plant in the Base ZoneWater according to instructionsPraise of high morality
Return the borrowed light cone to its placehonest childTwo Praises of High Morality
Disable 6 white robots at Herta stationChange!
Return to the room where Stellaron was keptThe Irony of Fate
Use the toilet curiosity in the Support ZoneDoor to a new world

That's all you need to know about how to find all the hidden quests in the Gerta Space Station in Honkai Star Rail. Now you can read our other guides on new quests, events and content in the game. Leave your comments below and bookmark our site so you don't miss anything.

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