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Hidden teleports of Gavireh Lajaward in Genshin Impact

Hidden teleports of Gavireh Lajaward in Genshin Impact

Gavireh Lajaward's Hidden Teleporters in Genshin Impact are special teleportation points that can be unlocked during the main storyline. These points are initially inaccessible and you need to advance further in the story to unlock them. They are required for the achievement to open all teleport points in the expanded desert area of ​​patch 3.6 and make it easier to move around the game world.

In this guide, we will figure out where to find them and how to unlock them, what are the conditions for this, during which stage and quest this can be done and what is required.

Where to find Gavireh Lajaward's hidden teleporters in Genshin Impact

There are 2 hidden teleportation points in this area. On the general map, they are in close proximity to each other. The teleportation points are underground, so you have to go down to the dungeons and ruins. The most important requirement is to get a two-horned crown for the flower keeper, otherwise you won't be able to get to the teleport points. On the map they are located as follows.


To facilitate the search, you can additionally use the underground map. On them, you can easily find the necessary paths to search for teleport points.


How to open all hidden teleports Gavireh Lajaward in Genshin Impact

Now let's take a look at each of the hidden teleport points in turn.

Hidden teleporter in Zu-l-Qarnaina

To gain access to the first hidden teleportation point, you need to go through the main storyline of the expanded desert area of ​​patch 3.6 to the middle, find almost all the hvarna in the course of the task, and reach the stage with the search for the last hvarna. It is during this stage that you can find all the available hidden teleport points.


During the specified stage, Nasejuna opens the previously blocked passage. We follow this path and stumble upon a hidden teleport point.


Using the interactive map of Teyvat, you can easily find all available routes. In this case, the path looks like this.


If the main storyline has already been completed, it is highly likely that the point has already been unlocked. If not, it is enough to go along the same path as during the quest to get to the teleportation point. At the same time, you can get to the right place from the side of the swamps, from the cave there.

Hidden teleporter in Tunigi Gap

The second hidden point is located at the Tuniga Gap and is unlocked further in the same quest. We continue the passage of the quest until we get to the passage blocked by the yellow barrier. With the help of Sorush, we open the passage and move on. We move forward until we reach the hall where we need to solve a puzzle with mechanisms shrouded in a gray crystal. There is a teleportation point in this room.


If for some reason the teleportation point was not activated during the passage of the above quest, you can return there in the following ways.


Using the interactive map, you can find three ways to get to the desired underground location.

That's all you need to know about where to find and how to unlock all of Gavireh Lajaward's Hidden Teleporters in Genshin Impact. Now you can read our other guides on Genshin Impact, new quests, events and content in the game. Leave your comments below and bookmark our site so you don't miss anything.

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