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Treasure of the old foreman in Honkai Star Rail: who is the thief and the criminal

Who stole the detector in Honkai Star Rail

Guide for the task of the companion, during which it is necessary to calculate the thief of the detector.

Treasure of the Old Foreman in Honkai: Star Rail is a Hook companion quest in which the trailblazers must figure out who the culprit is and who stole the detector.

In this complete guide, we describe in detail how to start and complete the quest, find out if the cook, dressmaker or assistant has stolen the detector and what rewards they give.

Description of the quest "The Treasure of the Old Brigadier"

  • Quest Type: Companion mission.
  • Location: Yarilo-VI, Kamnegrad.
  • Required level: 16.
  • Quest giver: Julian.

How to start the "Old Foreman's Treasure" quest in Honkai Star Rail

To unlock the Old Foreman's Treasure quest, you need to upgrade your Pathfinder to level 16 and then respond to Julian's message. Before that, you need to complete all available exploration missions as part of the quest "Into the Withering Winter Night". After that, you will be able to proceed with the first mission of Hook's companion.

Honkai Star Rail Treasure of the Old Foreman Walkthrough

After starting the quest, go to Kamnegrad in Yarilo VI and talk to Julian, who is located near Natasha's clinic.

Find Hook in the Big Mine


After the end of the conversation, head to the Big Mine to find Hook.

Tip: You can teleport to the Rogue Hideout Space Anchor to avoid wasting time walking through the huge mine.


Find Hook in the Rogue Hideout in the Big Mine. Once you get to it, you will see how Hook and Fersman are having a heated argument about something with two vagrants.


Approach Hook and get ready for a fight during which you will need to defeat the rogues.

Find out about Fersman's well-being from Natasha at the clinic


Talk to Fersman after the battle is over. Follow him back to Natasha's clinic in Kamnegrad, after which you will have a conversation with Hook, Fersman and Natasha.

Hook has business with you, find her and ask


Once the conversation is over, exit the clinic and talk to Hook about the stolen Geo Essence Deposit Detector.

Meet Hook at the Big Mine

Return to the Rogue Hideout in the Big Mine. Talk to Hook and Sveta at the tents.

Talk to the suspects

After learning all the details of the crime, proceed to the interrogation of four suspects in the Vault of the Rogues, including:

  • Cook (stole the detector);
  • Dressmaker (innocent);
  • Assistant (innocent);
  • Trader (innocent).

After you have spoken to all four characters, you will automatically return to the Light. She will summarize your findings and ask you to name the main suspect. The chef committed the crime, so you need to choose him.

Note: Even if you make the wrong choice, it will not affect the outcome of the quest in any way. In this case, a few additional steps will simply appear in the task.

Investigate the place where the ore detector went missing


If you accuse the wrong person, then you will have to continue the investigation. Investigate Fresman's tent in the Rogue's Hideout, and then follow the quest marker nearby.

Find the boxes according to the information on the tags


Compare the label found in the tent with the label on the crate to progress the quest further.

Follow Hook and interrogate the suspect

If you decide to blame the cook, you will find that he has left his tent. Find Sampo at the entrance to the Big Mine and see the chef trying to sell him the stolen Geo Essence Deposit Detector.


Defeat the chef in combat and take the detector from him.

Ask Balaway in Kamnegrad


Heed Sampo's advice and take the broken detector back to Kamnegrad. Find Balaway and ask him to evaluate the detector.

Go back to the clinic and tell Fersman what happened.

Return to Fresman at Natasha's clinic. Tell him what you and Hook have been up to all this time. This completes the companion's mission.

Who stole Mr. Fersman's detector


There are four suspects in this case: a cook, a merchant, a dressmaker and an assistant. You need to talk to each of them in order to collect evidence that will help you in the investigation of the case:

  • Cook said the assistant did it. According to the cook, he saw how the assistant entered Mr. Fersman's tent, and then left with a box in his hands.
  • Portnia behaves calmly enough and claims that she did not steal anything and never saw Mr. Fersman's detector.
  • Assistant insists that he did not commit the theft.
  • In exchange for a small fee dealer will share with you the information that the cook actually stole the detector.

Thus, by interviewing all the suspects, you will establish the identity of the thief who stole Mr. Fersman's detector. They will be the chef. Having figured this out, return to him and talk to the cook again to get him to confess to the theft.

What happens if you blame the wrong person?


If you choose the wrong suspect, the quest will not end there. Instead, you will have to go through an additional stage of investigation in order to identify the thief. However, this will not affect the final results of the quest in any way.


For successfully completing the Old Brigadier's Treasure quest, pioneers will receive the following rewards:

  • Mastering experience 350
  • Star Jade 60
  • Adventure Log 6
  • Shields 200
  • Credits 20

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That's all you need to know about how to complete the Honkai Star Rail Old Foreman's Treasure quest and who the criminal is. Now you can read our other guides on new quests, events and content in the game. Leave your comments below and bookmark our site so you don't miss anything.

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