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Vessel of Ordinary 3 in Honkai Star Rail: how to start and complete [guide]

Vessel of mediocrity 3 in Honkai Star Rail

This guide will help you complete the Vessel of Ordinary II quest in Honkai: Star Rail, which takes place in the Silvermane Guards Forbidden Zone.

How to start the Vessel of Ordinary 3 quest in Honkai Star Rail

To start the third part of the Vessel of Ordinary mission, you need to get to the Forbidden Zone of the Silvermane Guardians on the planet Yarilo VI. Talk to Dunn, who is in the south of the location.

After that, go to the location Hill of Everwinter, which is located in the Overworld of the city of Belobog. Talk to Shadow Keeper to start the last puzzle in this quest chain.

How to solve the Chest of the Idiot puzzle in Honkai Star Rail

First, push the crate directly in front of you three times to place it in the corner of the area.

Move the crate in front of the girl to the right.


Push up the crate marked in the screenshot.


Slide the drawer down to save the second girl.


Push up the crate marked in the screenshot.


Next, push the same box up again.


Move the box to the right in front of the last girl.

After completing the crate puzzle, open the chest near the Keeper's Shadow for a reward. After that, go to the Overworld and find a specialist in history. To complete the quest, you will need to talk to Manya.

How to get the Guilty Without Guilt achievement in Honkai Star Rail

After successfully completing all of the Chest of the Idiot puzzles in the Vessel of Ordinary 3 quest, obtain 5 Star Jade and the achievement "Guilty Without Guilt".

How to get the Birth of Tragedy achievement in Honkai Star Rail

When you find all the chests of the clown, then get the achievement "The birth of tragedy". To do this, you need to solve all the puzzles with boxes and open a luxurious chest at the end.


Upon successful completion of Vessel of Ordinary 3, trailblazers will receive the following rewards:

  • Credits 7
  • Mastering experience 100
  • Star Jade 30
  • Shields 100
  • Adventure Log 3
  • Cyril: Cyril the Dropout;

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