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Constellations of Kirara in Genshin Impact: are they needed and which ones to knock out

Constellations of Kirara in Genshin Impact

Kirara's late constellations improve her support skills, while the early constellations increase her shield's effectiveness.

Most recently, a new Dendro character appeared in Genshin Impact - Kirara. In combat, she uses one-handed weapons and creates powerful shields that protect her and other members of your squad from enemy attacks. In addition, she has the ability to deal massive AoE damage to Dendro with her elemental burst. In addition to her martial prowess, Kirara is also notable for her elemental skill - if you hold the button of this skill for a long time, you will activate the Neko Urgent Send effect. In this state, Kirara turns into a cat in a box to move and fight even faster.


All of these Kirara skills are default to players without any constellations. Therefore, you are probably wondering whether it is worth investing resources in leveling Kirara's constellations or whether you can do without them. This guide will answer this question, however, it is worth mentioning in advance that most of the Kirara constellations can not only improve Kirara's basic skills, but also give her even more useful abilities.

Is it worth it to knock out the Kirara constellations in Genshin Impact


Kirara is quite playable even on C0, however, her late constellations allow her to use powerful Dendro effects, as well as give all allies a bonus to elemental damage. If you are only interested in her defensive abilities, you can do without her constellations. However, if you are looking for a versatile support character, it is recommended to invest in her later constellations. Of course, this will require spending Source Stones on Kirara's first Constellations, which are not as effective as we would like, but since Kirara is a regular four-star character, her Constellations become relatively more accessible over time without any time limits.

In any case, Kirara's most important constellations are C4 and C6, while the effects from C1 and C2 don't affect gameplay much.

C1 - Turnover of materials

  • Effect: When activating Unexpected Departure, Kirara creates 1 additional Catnip Seed for every 8 of her maximum HP. Up to 000 additional seeds can be created this way.
  • Importance: Average

When using her elemental blast, Kirara creates and disperses seeds that explode after 12 seconds or on contact with an ally, dealing heavy damage. With this constellation, she will be able to generate even more seeds, which can be useful for various effects that are activated during the use of an elemental explosion or Dendro attacks. However, in general, this effect is not very important, since the damage from the seeds does not increase as much as the damage from the "Unexpected Departure".

C2 - Higher packaging art

  • Effect: When Kirara crashes into another party member in a Neko Urgent Despatch state (after activating Meowtheorite Strike), she bestows a Major Transportation Shield on them. The damage absorption of the Shield of Important Transport is equal to 40% of max. absorbing the damage of the Shield of Safe Transport created by Meowtheorite Strike. Important Conveyance Shield absorbs Dendro's damage with 250% efficiency. Important Transportation Shield lasts 12 seconds. and can occur on each character once every 10 seconds.
  • Importance: Low

If you often play co-op and have already managed to get Bai Zhu (one of the Dendro characters that creates shields), then you probably noticed that Bai Zhu's ultimate is not able to provide other members of the squad with shields. To do this, you need Kirara's second constellation, but the shield effect works in a somewhat confusing way, as the heroine needs to crash into an ally in order to give him a shield. Despite the fact that this shield provides additional damage absorption, this constellation is useful primarily in co-op, while in complex end-game content like the Twisted Abyss, this shield has little to no effect on gameplay.

C4 - Skanda's Horse

  • Effect: When an active character's normal attacks, charged attacks, and falling attacks with Safe Transportation Shield or Important Transportation Shield hit enemies, Kirara makes a combined attack using small Catnip Seeds and deals Dendro damage equal to 200% of her attack power. Damage dealt this way counts as elemental explosion damage. The effect can occur once every 3,8 seconds. The rollback time is common for all members of the squad.
  • Importance: Priority

The fourth constellation of Kirara is extremely useful in combat, as it allows for additional coordinated attacks when the active character on the field has a shield created by Kirara and performs normal, charged, and falling attacks. This constellation greatly enhances her role as a Dendro activator, making Kirara perfect for a squad that emphasizes elemental Dendro reactions. However, it's important to note that unlike the likes of Shogun Raiden and Xing Qiu, who can launch coordinated attacks with little or no cooldown, Kirara's effect has a cooldown of 3,8 seconds. However, this effect will be quite useful for creating Dendro nuclei and other elemental reactions.

C6 - Hundreds of landscapes

  • Effect: When Kirara activates an elemental skill or an elemental burst, all nearby party members are receive a 15% bonus damage to all elements.
  • Importance: High

Kirara's final constellation provides the squad with a powerful buff that increases the elemental damage of all allies whenever Kirara activates her elemental skill or elemental burst. Due to the long duration of this buff and the relatively short cooldown and elemental explosion, Kirara can apply a damage buff to her allies throughout the fight. If you intend to unlock her fourth constellation, it is recommended that you also invest in the fifth and sixth constellations in order to unlock Kirara's full potential as a support character.

That's all you need to know about how to get Kirara's constellations in Genshin Impact and if she needs them. Now you can read our other guides on Genshin Impact, new quests, events and content in the game. Leave your comments below and bookmark our site so you don't miss anything.

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