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Worth Spinning Nahida or Neela in Genshin Impact

Nahida or Nilu in Genshin Impact

Playing as Neela or Nahida in Genshin Impact is not an easy decision considering both of them are incredibly strong.

When a double banner appears in Genshin Impact, players often have the question: Spin this or that? Sometimes it would be easy to make a decision, as one of the characters would be more powerful than the other, but when both heroes are presented equally good, it can cause a big dilemma.


В Genshin impact 3.6 Nilu and Nahida are presented together. Previously, Nahida would have been an easier choice, but with Neeloo's viability continuing to grow with more Dendro characters available, it's a tough choice now. So if players are wondering if they should spin Nahida or Neela, this article will provide an overview of the character's strengths and weaknesses, as well as a rundown of who is better than Nahida or Neela.

Comparison between Nahida and Neela in Genshin Impact


By examining Nahida and Neela's sets, players can immediately notice how well the two characters can pair with each other. This synergy is created because Neil needs a strong Dendro support on her team and Nahida is one of the best in the job. So sharing both characters is beneficial for the players who can play as them. As for those who can only spin one banner, weapon comparison, artifacts и roles that they can perform gives a clear idea of ​​whether to choose Nahida or Neela's rerun Genshin impact.



Nahida can work well with multiple stats in Genshin Impact. Granting her Elemental Mastery boosts her passive P1 buff, increases the effectiveness of her Skill, and increases her crit chance. On the other hand, increasing her ATK%, Crit Chance and Crit Damage increases Nahida's overall damage output. One of the best weapons to go perfectly with Nahida's set is the Dream of a Thousand Nights. However, players can also choose The truth of KaguraMemories of Tulaytullah, The Widsith other options due to its excellent amplification.

As for Neela, her best weapon depends on the role she plays in the team. If the team revolves around Neeloo's passive producing an abundance of cores, then maximizing Neeloo's health should be a priority. Unfortunately, there are a limited number of sword variants that add HP to their secondary stat, with Key of Khaj-Nisut is the only viable one, and Precious pool adds 20% to his passive. Players can also play as Neela as a fighter by activating her stance, and the Omut is best suited for this role. Weapons that maximize her damage also work for this stance, such as Cleaving Mist or Haran Geppaku Futsu.

In this plan Nahida wins due to its low demand and F2P friendliness.



When it comes to farming the best artifacts for Nahida and Nilu, the same concept applies. Best for Nahida Deepwood Memories 4 piece if she supports another Dendro DPS. Gilded Dreams - her best set if she is a DPS, and double sets 80 ms suitable for players who do not have the first two options.

As for Nilu, it's better to have double sets of 20% HP or Deepwood Memories, if it is designed to deal damage with its generous cores. If it is built as a DPS, players can choose 4 sets Radiance of Varukashi by or double bonus 15% Hydro damageto maximize her damage.

In this section, Nahida and Nilu are somewhat equal, as they both require a certain set. However, in terms of the value of artifacts, Nahida wins. Dungeon Gilded Dreams and Memories is one of the best farming sets, while Radiance of Varukashi is a more niche set. Luckily, the Dream of the Nymph is a great artifact for Hydro characters, so the difference isn't too big.



Nahida and Neeloo have completely different roles. Nahida can excel in a variety of roles, be it DPS or supporting any team that needs Dendro apps. On the other hand, Nilu's recruitment requires players to have a strict play style and team building. Her team must have a healer, and players can only choose Dendro and Hydro heroes. Even if she is DPS-packed, Neal's damage output is mediocre compared to other strong fighters in the game, especially since she lacks support to raise her damage to an acceptable level. For example, Nilu grins only with HP, but there is no dedicated HP buffer. Her stance also counts as Elemental Skill damage, which again doesn't have a proper buffer.

Despite Neela's limitations, players shouldn't underestimate her, as her Budding teams can deal some of the highest damage in the game. Genshin impact. As such, Nilu's limits are more about balancing conditions than limits, and players can still achieve great results by building their team around her kit.

In this part Nahida wins again thanks to its versatility. However, in terms of team DPS, Neeloo is no less powerful with her generous cores.

Who to knock out Nahid or Neela in Genshin Impact


To sum up, the players must spin Nahida if they:

  • They don't want to bother looking for better weapons.
  • Have a strong set of Gilded Dreams or Memories of the Deep Forest or are ready to farm them.
  • You want a versatile hero that can pair with many characters.
  • Gather the Archons.

That touches Neela, players must spin it if they:

  • You already have the Precious Pool or you want to get the Key of Hajj-Nisut.
  • Can maximize health with a set of artifacts, primary stats, and additional stats.
  • They want access to unique gameplay that produces insane damage.
  • They do not pay attention to the restriction of teams with Nilu.

That's all you need to know about who to pick in Update 3.6, Neela or Nahid in Genshin Impact. Now you can read our other guides on Genshin Impact, new quests, events and content in the game. Leave your comments below and bookmark our site so you don't miss anything.

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