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Should I knock out Jing Yuan in Honkai Star Rail

Should I knock out Jing Yuan in Honkai Star Rail

Jing Yuan is a new five-star character in Honkai: Star Rail, but is it worth trying to knock him out? Below is everything you need to know about him and his banner.

The second phase of the Honkai: Star Rail 1.0 patch will begin with the release of Jing Yuan, one of several generals of Lofu Xianzhou. This is a five-star character in the Path of Erudition that uses the electric damage type.

Considering that Honkai: Star Rail already has quite a few strong heroes at the moment (and there will probably be even more in the future), you are most likely wondering if it is worth trying to knock out Jing Yuan. In this article, we'll cover everything there is to know about him, as well as his banner, which will include several support characters.

Is it worth spinning Jing Yuan's banner in Honkai Star Rail

In short, yes, definitely worth it. Basically, Jing Yuan is an improved version of Serval: both characters follow the Path of Erudite, however, Jing Yuan works great as a stand-alone DPS hero, while Serval specializes in synergy with Nether characters and heroes that apply damage over time effects. Both characters are great at dealing with groups of opponents, but General Lofu Xianzhou's AoE damage is noticeably different from the attacks of everyone's favorite rock star Belobog.

Even during the closed beta testing of Honkai: Star Rail, it became clear that Jing Yuan is one of the best characters in the Path of Erudite with a set of powerful moves. In fact, he performs two attacks per cycle thanks to his Lightning Master, and both times he is able to break through the vulnerability of enemies with his electric shocks. It is especially useful on Chaos Memories floors, where there are quite a few enemies that are vulnerable to electrical damage.

Pros and Cons of Jing Yuan

High potential for AoE damage and damage against single targets. Electric damage will come in handy in many battles. The hero's skills synergize with units sharpened for crit. damage. Adds a new "ally" to the squad with a separate move - the Lightning Lords. Effective even at E0.Relies too much on his light cone. High energy cost per ult. Single target damage is not as high as some characters in the Path of the Hunt and Eternal.

If you are looking for a powerful DPS character with electric damage, then Jing Yuan will come in handy. It will fit perfectly into the squad for running through the Chaos Memories floors, as well as for passing the Virtual Universe along the Path of Joy. Jing Yuan also pairs well with Path of Harmony characters, as any buff he gets directly affects Lightning Lord's damage output as well. In addition, all of his eidolons are strong enough, but they are not necessary in order to make Jing Yuan a valuable member of the squad.

As is the case with all other characters, you will need to invest a lot of effort and resources into leveling Jing Yuan in order to make him as effective as possible. However, you may have problems finding the right light cones: the fact is that Jing Yuan is best suited only for weapons that increase the damage of his bonus attacks, and there are not so many such light cones in Honkai: Star Rail 1.0 .

It's important: Jing Yuan, although he has good damage against single targets, he still falls short of other electric damage DPS characters that specialize in destroying bosses. If you're looking for an electric element DPS hero that can deal damage to single targets, Kafka is the one to look into. Her banner has not yet been announced, but she is expected to appear in the game after Lochi and the Silver Wolf.

Who will be on Jing Yuan's banner in Honkai Star Rail


Each Limited Banner always has a few four-star characters to look out for. In this case, some of them have quite valuable bonuses from eidolons.



Tingyun is one of the best XNUMX-star support characters in the game and is expected to stay relevant in future patches even after more Path of Harmony characters are added to the game. She pairs especially well with Jing Yuan due to her ability to recharge General Lofu Xianzhou's ultimate while boosting his damage output.

In addition, Tingyun's talent Ascension of Heavenly Radiance allows one of the allies to instantly attack the enemy and inflict electrical damage on them (the amount of damage depends on the characteristics of the ally). Since Jing Yuan's relics and planar ornaments would allow him to boost his electrical damage, he would benefit the most from this Tingyun talent.

By unlocking his eidolons, Tingyun will be able to restore more energy to allies and increase their attack damage and speed even more effectively.

March 7


March 7 is in all squads by default. This is a very effective tank that can protect allies with strong shields and freeze status debuffs on enemies. March 7 works well with Jing Yuan in her base form, but she becomes even more useful once her eidolons are unlocked.

The bonuses from the E1 and E4 eidolons help March 7 restore energy for her ultimate. Meanwhile, her E6 eidolon allows the heroine to heal allies protected by her shield. The latter skill will be extremely useful in squads with multiple DPS characters, as well as during the passage of "Memories of Chaos" and the Virtual Universe. By fully unlocking her potential on March 7, you'll see just how flexible a team member she can become, so don't waste resources on upgrading her eidolons.



In the current version of the game, Asta is an indispensable support character for all squads in which attack speed plays a decisive role. Asta can maximize the damage dealt by the Lightning Lord in several ways: the more often Jing Yuan attacks and the higher his attack power, the more damage the Lightning Lord will deal.

Even in her base form, Asta is a valuable character, however, she becomes significantly more useful when she reaches E2. On this eidolon, Asta's Charge level is consumed much more slowly if she uses her Ultimate as often as possible. Combined with the E4 and E6 eidolon bonuses, it can keep Charge level almost indefinitely, giving the unit a huge boost in attack power for the rest of the fight.

That's all you need to know about whether or not to spin Jing Yuan's banner in Hongkai Star Rail and what 4-star characters will be with him. Now you can read our other guides on new quests, events and content in the game. Leave your comments below and bookmark our site so you don't miss anything.

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