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Ancestral Drill in Honkai Star Rail: how to start and complete the quest [guide]

Quest Ancestral Drill in Honkai Star Rail

Serval sent you a message thanking Molly for your help and inviting you to the workshop to keep her company. According to Serval, Molly has not yet recovered from what happened. Go to Molly's workshop when you have time.

How to start the Ancestral Drill quest in Honkai Star Rail

You will receive a message from Serval the day after you complete the Out of Control quest. These quests are linked as they involve the same heroine (Molly) as well as Pela (playable character).

How to complete Ancestral Drill in Honkai Star Rail

Visit Molly in the workshop

Teleport to the dimensional anchor Central Square in the Administrative District, and then travel southeast to the Serval Workshop to start the quest. When you need to decide who to turn to for help, choose Pela.


Find Pela in the bookstore

Exit the workshop and head to the bookstore to the north to find Pela.


Speak to Pela and head to the Corridor of Disappearing Echoes

After you convince Pela to help, she will lead you to the "Old Fortress Cleanup" challenge, where you will need to find Molly's key.


Look for clues in the Corridor of Disappearing Echoes

You won't be able to use the map during this challenge, so you'll have to look around for clues. The first one is in front of the barbed wire fence near the gate. You will need to stomp hard on the tile to find a clue.


Look for the next clue in the Corridor of Disappearing Echoes

Follow the quest marker to find the second clue, which is on the crates right in front of the Burning Wanderer (the big red mechanical enemy guarding the gate).


Keep looking for clues in the Corridor of Disappearing Echoes

The last clue is at the top of the stairs. You can get here by following the quest marker. Use Findus to determine the exact location of the clue.


Unlock the rotating bridge

You need to solve the controller puzzle before you can turn the bridge with it. The solution is presented below:

  • Clockwise rotating tip.
  • Anti-clockwise rotating tip.
  • Clockwise rotating tip.

Meet Pela

After activating the controller, use it and select the "Turn counterclockwise" option twice so that you can get to Pela at the other end of the bridge.


Defeat the monsters that guard the key

The final task in this challenge will be the battle with the next Burning Wanderer, after defeating which you can pick up Molly's key. Don't forget that you can break the green canisters scattered throughout the location to restore health to all squad members.

Give the key to Molly

As soon as you leave the old fortress, the game will take you to the Serval workshop. Go inside and give the key to Molly to complete this adventure mission.


Upon successful completion of the Ancestor's Drill quest, trailblazers will receive the following rewards:

  • Experience 350
  • Star Jade 60
  • Condensed Ether 5
  • Shields 200;
  • 20 credits.

During the passage of the test in the Corridor of the Disappearing Echoes, players will additionally receive the following treasures:

  • Adventure Log 2
  • Condensed ether 2;
  • 3 credits.
  • Rugged Leather Marksman's Gloves

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