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Quiet but Brilliant in Honkai Star Rail: How to Start and Complete the Mission

Quiet but brilliant at Honkai Star Rail

Natasha informs you that the clinic continues to receive anonymous packages from some kind person. Natasha does not know who sends them. You and her decide that they need to be given to those who need love and care.

How to start Quiet but Brilliant in Honkai Star Rail

The mission "Quiet but Brilliant" continues the story from the "Ring and Stage" quest. It can only be launched after you complete Trial of Balance I, which is required in order to increase your level of Balance.

How to pass Quiet but Brilliant in Honkai Star Rail

Talk to Scott and then talk to Kluser about how he's feeling

To start the mission, teleport to the Fight Club Dimensional Anchor in Kamnegrad and talk to Scott at the entrance. Next, enter the club and talk to Clouser (he can be recognized by the blue armor).

Give anonymous parcels


You need to deliver 3 parcels to the addresses marked on the map.

  1. Parcel with children's books: to be given to a wandering little girl.
  2. Parcel with children's things: to be given to a courteous woman.
  3. Milk formula package: to be given to the skinny miner.

Check the status of the Kluser


Travel to the Fight Club Dimensional Anchor and go inside to find Kluser. Since he has disappeared somewhere, you need to interrogate the audience (a couple near the ring) who may know his location.

Ask Scott where Kluser is


Exit the Fight Club and ask Scott where Kluser might be.

Find Kluser


Teleport to the Orphanage Dimensional Anchor in Zaklepkograd and head northeast to find Kluser. Next, you will have to fight with a group of opponents, so be careful.

Tell Natasha about Kluzer and his parcels


Teleport to the dimensional anchor at Natasha's Clinic in Kamnegrad and speak with her to complete the Quiet but Brilliant quest.


Upon successful completion of Quiet but Brilliant, the trailblazers will receive the following rewards:

  • Experience 250
  • Star Jade 40
  • Condensed Ether 3
  • Shields 200
  • Credit 12.

Video guide

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