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TOP 10 Best DDs in Honkai: Star Rail

Best DPS characters in Honkai Star Rail

These DPS heroes have excellent AoE, Single Target, and DoT damage stats.

Combat mechanics in Honkai: Star Rail is based on the careful selection of heroes in your team - from healers to support characters, but the backbone of the team is always DPS characters. Without them, even the battle with ordinary opponents can drag on for a long time, not to mention elite enemies and bosses.

As you know, Honkai: Star Rail features a lot of damage dealers, each of which has its own unique skills and abilities. The best of these characters are presented in the selection below.

Physical Damage Trailblazer

Path of Destruction characters are known for their high health pools and decent damage output, with the Physical Damage Pathfinder being a prime example. He is able to deal high damage on a single target, as well as carry out AoE attacks. If the enemies are vulnerable to the physical element, then this Pathfinder variant will easily use up their toughness bar.

Perhaps one of the main advantages of the Physical Damage Pathfinder is its impressive stats, which are comparable to five-star characters, as well as the ability to unlock all Eidolons to bring your build to the ideal.



Sushan is one of the strongest heroes in Honkai: Star Rail. She adheres to the Way of the Hunt and uses the physical element for her attacks. Her main feature is the ability to quickly reduce the resistance of opponents, since in certain situations she is able to make three moves in a row. Thus, it is ideal for various boss fights. Unfortunately, some of her moves rely too much on randomness, so you won't always be able to use them effectively.



Himeko is a heroine who adheres to the Path of Erudite, and among her advantages are powerful bonus attacks. With the help of Himeko's moves, you can relatively easily break through the vulnerabilities of several opponents at once, dealing fire damage to them. Himeko's ultimate is known for having one of the highest stats in Honkai: Star Rail of any AoE attack. At the same time, the basic attacks of the heroine are very deadly. Unfortunately, this heroine is not very effective in fights against single targets, so in most boss battles it is recommended to replace her with a more useful squad member.



Hook is a powerful fire character capable of dealing impressive damage to single targets. Moreover, when using her skill, Hook also deals damage over time, which in turn synergizes with her passive skill and increases overall damage. This character follows the Path of Destruction, and therefore a way to deal decent AoE damage, as well as apply a damage over time effect to all enemies that fall under her area of ​​effect attack. In other words, Hook is a very valuable DPS heroine that will look good in any squad.



The four-star heroine has excellent basic attack, thanks to which she is able to deal impressive AoE damage during battles. The Serval can also place a shock effect on enemies that will regularly damage them, as well as buffing Serval's already powerful attacks.

Serval is a fairly versatile character that can perform several functions in a squad. For example, she can be responsible for AoE attacks or for dealing periodic damage. This is one of the best XNUMX-star DPS characters in Honkai: Star Rail.



Velt is great for both the role of the main or secondary DPS-character, and as a support hero. His skill allows you to attack one enemy several times in a row (provided that this is the only enemy on the field) and is extremely useful in boss fights. With this skill, you can easily break through the enemy's vulnerability and slow him down with a certain chance. Meanwhile, Velt's ultimate deals AoE damage to all enemies with a 100% chance to imprison them. This debuff reduces enemies' speed by 10% and delays their actions by 32% (at ult level 1).

Since Velt uses an imaginary damage type, his skills are focused on reducing the speed of enemies and the Imprisonment debuff. If Velt attacks an enemy that has a slowed status, it will deal additional damage to them. Welt's technique also allows him to delay the actions of imprisoned and slowed enemies by 20%. In other words, he is an extremely useful team member with valuable offensive and support skills, although his attacks are not solely focused on DPS damage, as is the case with Zele or Dan Hen.



Yanqing is an ideal DPS hero who made it to this list due to his ability to increase critical chance and overall power to impressive proportions. With the right gear to boost Yanqing's base and crit damage, you'll be able to crit your enemies with almost every attack.

As a follower of the Way of the Hunt, Yanqing has good speed and is able to kill bosses with ease, making him one of the best DPS characters in Honkai: Star Rail.

Jing Yuan


Even though Jing Yuan has not yet appeared as a playable character in Honkai: Star Rail, he is expected to become a top-notch DPS hero. Although Erudite characters are usually not particularly strong in single-target combat, with the right skill and the right equipment, you'll find that General Jing Yuan is quite a fit for the role of the main attacker in the squad. His skill is capable of dealing heavy electrical damage, piercing enemies' vulnerabilities and inflicting a shock effect on them, as well as delaying their moves.



Not only is Svarog capable of delivering devastating blows to enemies that attack Clara, he can also mark them with Marked Counterattack. If you use Clara's skill after that, it will deal double damage to the marked enemies. Clara adheres to the Path of Destruction, and her skills are mostly focused on protecting allies, however, her damage indicators are considered to be one of the highest in Honkai: Star Rail.



Seele is the perfect DPS character for single target combat. Her powerful shots can instantly deal with opponents, and for each enemy killed, Zele gains an additional turn. At the same time, the damage of the heroine increases significantly when she uses her skill and goes into enhanced mode. That is why she takes the honorable first place among the best DPS heroes in Honkai: Star Rail.

That's all you need to know about which characters are the best damage dealers in Honkai Star Rail. Now you can read our other guides on new quests, events and content in the game. Leave your comments below and bookmark our site so you don't miss anything.

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