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TOP 12 best ultimates in Honkai: Star Rail [ranking]

12 Best Ultimates in Honkai Star Rail

Every character in Honkai: Star Rail has an ultimate attack that requires energy to use. These are the best of these incredibly powerful attacks.

Ultimates are special attacks in Honkai: Star Rail that allow you to use a devastating attack, a group-wide buff, and a range of other effects during combat. Each character has a unique ultimate that requires a certain amount of energy to use in battles.

Of the 21 playable characters available at launch, this rating is bound to change. At the moment, these ults are as devastating as they are delightful in combat. The best part is that these cinematic attacks can be used whenever they're available, allowing you to interrupt your opponent's moves.

Arlan - Frenzied Punishment

Since Arlan's kit focuses on him losing HP to deal more damage, you should use his ult when he's low on HP to benefit from the damage bonus he gets from his talent. The Frenzied Punishment ability increases Arlan's damage per health point lost by up to 36%.

Unleashing Frenzied Punishment will deal damage to a single enemy based on their attack stat, and the splash damage will spread to all enemies on either side of your target.

Yanqing - Chasing the Rain Swallow 


If you want to deal incredible single-target damage to your enemies, Yanqing is your choice. As part of his abilities, he uses his combat skill to activate a passive bonus called Empathic Link. While this passive is active, Yanqing's ultimate will buff further.

Chasing the Rain Swallow increases Yanqing's critical hit chance by 60 percent, and if you have Empathic Link active, you gain an additional 30 percent increase in his critical damage. Both of these buffs will last for one turn, and he will also deal an incredibly strong ice attack on one enemy.

Seele - Flurry of Butterflies


Playing as Zele is as much fun as it is incredibly broken. Her entire set is wonderfully overpowered, and while her damage multipliers help, it's thanks to her Talent that she allows her to take one more turn if she kills an enemy. This talent also increases her damage, but killing an enemy while under the effect of Reappearance will not cause Zele to attack again.

This is where her ult can really shine. Not only does it destroy any opponent it hits, but it also allows her to land another attack right after that with increased damage. Needless to say, this could be one of the most stylish ultimates in the game.



As one of the strongest support characters currently in the game, Armor is definitely one of the best you can get at the moment. Her skill allows you to control the turn order and greatly enhances your allies and yourself.

Her ultimate continues this trend, providing 33% groupwide attack and a critical damage buff for two turns. Time your ultimate wisely, using it in tandem with your skill to greatly buff everyone in one fell swoop.

Serval - Meet Mechanical Fever 


At the time of Star Rail's global launch, Serval is considered by many to be a strong character due to her electric area of ​​effect damage and debuff capabilities. Her Skill allows her to hit the enemy and any nearby enemies with a high chance to inflict the Shock debuff on them.

This activates the damage over time effect on enemies, causing them to lose HP on their turn. That's where her ult comes to the rescue because not only does she deal a bunch of lightning damage to every enemy, but it also extends the duration of the shock on any enemy that has the debuff by another two turns.

Natasha - Gift of Rebirth


Natasha is one of two healers in the game at the time of the global launch. Because of this, she is very useful as she is also a free character that you earn through the story. As a healer, her ultimate is a team-wide heal that comes in handy in a few moments.

You'll want Natasha around - unless you happen to get Baila, whose kit is better in many ways for healing - as Natasha's healing skills are a godsend. The only downside to her ult is that the cutscene is just weird. There is a random frame in the cleavage and her healing comes from tearing the teddy bear to pieces. Why not?

Bailu - A dragon galloping in the pool


As already mentioned, Bailu is a better healer than Natasha in almost every way. Her ultimate helps allies heal over time and the animation that plays during her ultimate is really great. Who doesn't want a magical creature inside a pumpkin to heal them?

While Natasha is split between damage and healing, Baylu is more focused on HP regeneration, as clearly illustrated by her kit, which gives her healing with a bouncy effect. In addition to the area heal, her ultimate refreshes Vigor or applies it to anyone who doesn't have it.

Cheetah - Strong Bastion


In his ultimate, Cheetah summons a giant wall of ice to protect his allies. Unfortunately, this ultimate doesn't deal any damage to enemies, but it provides your entire group with a pretty powerful shield that will go a long way in keeping everyone safe.

The shield created by Cheetah's ult depends on his defense stat, which is usually easy to build. At the time of release, he is the only character that can provide a full shield to every character. Fiery Pathfinder can provide shields, but they are significantly weaker in comparison.

Sushan - Taixu Form: Dawnbringer


Ultimate Sushan looks like an attack straight out of a Yakuza game. She charges her sword and a giant chicken emerges from it that jumps into the air and crashes down on your hapless opponents.

The ability deals decent damage, but the main reason her ultimate is so strong is because it allows her to jump in turn to make her next move. Considering that the proc of the ultimate already does this, then when Sushan steps in and goes full turn in the middle of an enemy attack, this is foolishly violated.

Pela - zone suppression


Pela's Ultimate Skill Zone Suppression is a great attack with a great animation. As one of the few characters currently in the game that can remove enemy buffs, her ultimate goes even further and causes each enemy's defense to drop when used.

The damage is nothing special but looks fantastic to use. How could you ever get tired of the incredibly over the top anime style crosshairs appearing in her glasses? There is always time for a good old counterattack.

Clara - A Promise, Not an Order


While you may be a little underwhelmed by Clara, you'll learn to love her kit at first the more you use her. Her ultimate is what ties her playstyle in the best way. Although there isn't much to see, Clara calls on her robot friend Svarog to protect her. This gives her a defensive boost and greatly increases her chances of being attacked.

Why is it good? Because whenever Clara gets hit, Svarog will blow them up with a counterattack. Her ultimate increases damage and gives an AoE attack, and if that's not enough, the meter will go off when any of your team members are hit. Use her ult and watch the enemies destroy themselves at the hands of Mr. Svarog.

Tingyun - Auspicious Cloud Ritual


Although the game has only recently been released, Tingyun rises to the top of several character tier lists. Her kit is designed to buff your allies, making some comparisons to Bennett from another gacha from HoYoVerses, Genshin Impact.

Using Tingyun's ultimate ability will give 50 energy to your chosen squad member and increase their damage by 20 percent for the next three turns. In case you didn't know, using an ult requires energy and everyone has a certain amount that it costs. Tingyun is a tool that allows you to customize your characters to deal massive damage when it's their turn.

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