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You Know Me in Honkai Star Rail: how to start and complete Asta's quest

You know me in Honkai Star Rail

A mysterious man invites you to an anonymous space station group chat where a rumor about Asta's misappropriation of funds is gaining popularity. You want to come forward and challenge this rumor, but how do you start an investigation? As you puzzle over this, a sudden thought comes to you - why not ask the all-powerful Himeko?

How to start the "You Know Me" mission in Honkai: Star Rail:

After you complete the Trial of Balance I, which is required in order to increase your Balance level, you will receive an incoming message from the "Heritor-Mistress Hert's Group" chat.

How to complete "You Know Me" in Honkai: Star Rail:

Ask Himeko about the rumors at the space station

Teleport to Pom Pom in the Common Car and then speak to Himeko to start the quest.

Travel to the space station and find out the whereabouts of Gossip Girl


Teleport to the Observation Zone dimensional anchor in the Main Control Zone and follow the quest marker southwest. You won’t be able to find Gossip Girl right away, so you need to ask others who will help you get on her trail. Talk to the woman in the pink suit and the blonde in the blue suit.

Speak to the security officer and enter the restricted area


Next, move to the "Central Passage" dimensional anchor in the Main Control Zone and talk to the Security Officer behind you. After that, you will have to fight with several opponents.

Signs of the Fragmentum


On this floor, you will need to pick up three backup batteries in different parts of the location (you cannot open the map at this stage of the quest, so just follow the task markers). On the way you will meet several enemies, so get ready for battles.

Transfer the backup batteries and start the elevator again


Once you've collected all 3 batteries, talk to the security officer again to restart the elevator, and then go to Gossip Girl, who is on the floor above. Along the way, you will again have to fight with several monsters, so gather a suitable squad in advance.

Talk to Himeko and get her consent for the photo


Gossip Girl turns out to be a very eccentric person: she will ask you for a photo of Himeko in exchange for information. After that, you will automatically teleport to the Main Control Zone. Follow the quest marker to find Himeko.

Find an explorer that matches Pamela's description


Next, travel to the "Reception Center" Dimensional Anchor in the Base Zone and talk to a dark-haired, bespectacled researcher who wears a white and blue suit.

Report to Asta


Teleport to the Central Passage Dimensional Anchor in the Main Control Zone and speak with Asta to complete the You Know Me quest.

Visitor verification!


Asta is now your guest. You can meet her when you get back aboard the Starlight Express.

How to get the "Guess who I am" achievement in Honkai Star Rail

Immediately upon completion of the quest, players will receive the "Guess who I am" achievement.


After successfully completing Asta's quest, You Know Me, the pioneers will receive the following rewards:

  • Experience Mastering 350
  • Star Jade 60
  • Adventure Log 6
  • Hertariums 100
  • Melody Weightless
  • Credits 20

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