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In the night there was an explosion in Stardew Valley: what does the message mean

In the night there was an explosion in Stardew Valley

A guide to a rare event in Stardew Valley involving a sudden explosion.

"There was an explosion in the night" is one of the rarest events in Stardew Valley. As you know, various events periodically take place on your farm in the game - from the attack of wild animals to the appearance of a garden fairy.

If you see the alert "There was an explosion in the night", it means that a meteorite has landed on your farm. It falls in a random place and takes up a space of 2x2 cells, and it can even hit your crops. However, you have the opportunity to extract valuable resources from a fallen meteorite!

Tip: To extract resources from a meteorite, you will need a golden pickaxe or an iridium pickaxe.

Important: If you see the alert “There was an explosion in the night”, but there is not a single free plot of 3x3 cells on your farm, then the meteorite will not land in the end.

Key Points

  • The Explosion in the Night event is a rare event in Stardew Valley during which a meteorite falls on your farm.
  • The meteor has the potential to destroy some crops, but this event is so rare that it usually does more good than damage.
  • To find the meteorite, you need to inspect your farm yourself or take a screenshot of it to see the changes on it.
  • To extract resources from a fallen meteorite, you will need at least a golden pickaxe, which can be purchased from the blacksmith Clint.
  • The meteorite drops valuable resources, including iridium ore, stones, and geodes, which can be used to craft and upgrade tools.

Description of the event "There was an explosion in the night"

If you see the alert "There was an explosion in the night", then this means that the next morning a meteorite will land on your farm. This is a rare random event during which some of your crops may be affected.

Where to find meteorite

A meteorite lands on a farm under certain conditions. First of all, the game looks for a 3x3 cell area. Then a meteorite appears in this area, which occupies an area of ​​​​2x2 cells. The meteorite will never fall in areas containing the following objects:

  • Fixed objects (such as sprinklers, scarecrows and other objects that block passages);
  • Water;
  • Livestock;
  • The buildings;
  • Squares with resources (stones, wood or grass).

It is important to note that crops may be in the meteorite impact zone. Therefore, if you have some rare crops growing on your farm, like ancient fruits, or an expensive fence is located, then all this can be destroyed after a meteorite fall.

Event rarity

While a meteorite can destroy your valuable crops, this event is so rare that its potential benefits far outweigh the damage. There is a 1% chance that a meteorite will fall on your farm. In fact, this is almost the only way to get rare resources that drop from a meteorite, so if you encounter this event, then you will be very lucky!

  • However, it is worth noting that even if you see the alert "There was an explosion in the night", there is a chance that the event may not occur.
  • If the game can't find any free 3x3 meteor tiles based on the above criteria, then the meteorite won't end up landing on your farm.

What to do with the meteorite

As soon as you receive an alert that a meteorite is approaching your farm, you need to think ahead about your next steps. First you will need to find it, and then use a special tool to extract resources from the fallen meteorite.

Finding a meteorite

If you leave the house and look around the farm, you will quickly find a meteorite that has appeared. It is a large purple stone with pinkish crystals protruding from it. Around him, with a high probability, there will be objects destroyed by him, such as a fence or crops, so it will be difficult to miss him.

The meteorite cannot disappear, so you will have enough time to discover its location. But if you don't want to spend time walking around the farm, you can use a little trick.

  • You will need to take a screenshot of your farm and then examine it to determine exactly where the meteorite landed.
  • To take a screenshot, go to the settings, scroll to the very bottom of this section, where you will see the camera icon, and then click on it.
  • To view the screenshot, click on the "Open Destination Folder" button, which is located under the camera icon.
  • Examine the finished screenshot to find the place where the meteorite landed.

How to get resources from a meteorite


Unfortunately, extracting resources from a meteorite requires special tools that you may not have. You will need at least a golden pickaxe, which is more durable and can break through the outer shell of a meteorite.

  • If you haven't gotten this tool yet, visit Blacksmith Clint to upgrade your existing pickaxe.
  • To get a golden pickaxe, you will need to upgrade a regular steel pickaxe.
  • This upgrade costs 10 gold and 000 gold bars, and after purchasing it, you will receive a gold pickaxe at your disposal.


As soon as you have a golden pickaxe or an even more durable iridium pickaxe in your inventory, you can extract resources from a meteorite. This will end the event, and you will receive the following materials as a reward:

Iridium Ore x6Iridium ore is used to create iridium ingots, upgrade weapons, and craft rare items. One piece of iridium ore costs 100 gold, while an iridium ingot costs 1 gold.
Geodes x2Geodes contain precious materials that are randomly generated inside.
Stones x6A common material that is used to build buildings and craft items.


The alert "An explosion was heard in the night" indicates that the next morning you will find a fallen meteorite on your farm. It occupies a 2x2 space and is theoretically capable of destroying some crops, but since this is a fairly rare event, its potential benefit outweighs the possible damage. To extract resources from a meteorite, you will need a gold or iridium pickaxe, which can be obtained from the blacksmith Clint by hanging upgrades on existing tools. From the meteorite you can get iridium ore, geodes and stones with which you can craft new tools or improve existing ones.

You can mine resources in Stardew Valley not only in meteorites. You can upgrade your character's mining skills on your own and go to explore the caves, where you can find a lot of minerals.

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