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Desperately looking for Emma in Dead Island 2: how to start and complete

Desperately looking for Emma in Dead Island 2

A detailed guide to the first three Dead Island 2 quests.

The story campaign of Dead Island 2 begins with our chosen protagonist crashing on a plane, and then goes to the streets of Beverly Hills, where hordes of aggressive zombies await him. In this guide you will find walkthroughs for the first three missions that end in a climactic battle. Only after you complete them will you be able to open the co-op mode.


In addition to describing the main actions (where to go and what items to pick up), in this guide you will find the location of hidden treasures, as well as various tricks that will help you get to Bel Air faster and find the fuse you need in order to penetrate closed locations.

Choice of fighter


When choosing a protagonist, keep in mind that they are all designed for different play styles. Dani and Jacob are versatile heroes with balanced stats, Ryan and Karla are tanks with increased strength, while Amy and Bruno are high speed and stealth. During the passage, you will periodically open skill cards adapted to the characteristics of the main character you have chosen. However, the difference between the protagonists is not as big as one might think, so you won't experience any serious limitations if you choose, for example, a tank instead of an agile hero.

It is also worth taking into account the nature of each character. Throughout the story campaign, your chosen Slayer will often comment on what is happening, so try to pick a hero whose communication style completely suits you. For example, Dani acts like a real hero, Ryan is often nervous and makes it clear that he is not happy with the situation in which he refused, while Jacob behaves as relaxed as possible. We are quickly introduced to each of the characters in the cinematic prologue, so you can form your own opinion about the characters before you have to make a choice.

Damned flight


After you select the Fighter, the plane will crash, and you will need to get out from under the rubble. This is a linear level that is designed to teach you all the basic gameplay mechanics. Here you will need to crawl through the wreckage of the plane, pick up your first weapon, destroy the box blocking the path, use the flashlight, kick the serving cart to the side (this is done by pressing the right stick of the gamepad), and then fight off the first group of zombies to protect other people survivors of a plane crash. At this level, you will be able to try out different types of weapons scattered around the location. It is recommended to choose each of them to understand which one you feel more comfortable with.


Zombies at the training level do not pose a particular threat, so you can get acquainted with the mechanics of close combat, and at the same time try out the available weapons in practice. As soon as you destroy the first wave of zombies, the main character offers to shoot down the burning wheel of the plane, hanging over the wreckage, from under which zombies continue to crawl out. Simply hold down the left trigger to aim and then throw your weapon by pressing the right trigger on the controller. As soon as you hit the wheel, it will fall down and set fire to the wreckage of the plane. After that, you will only have to finish off a couple of walkers nearby, and on this the Dead Island 2 tutorial will come to an end.

Desperately looking for Emma


You will wake up right in front of the mansion. First of all, you need to pick up the packages lying in front of the gate, and then go to the electrical panel to the left of the gate. It turns out that there is no switch in it - you, of course, will need to find a spare. Go to the garage, which is located to the left of the gate, and open the door with the switch next to it. Next, search the garage to find a pipe wrench, a first aid kit, and the correct mansion gate switch. Take the find to the electrical panel at the gate of the mansion and use it.


Right outside the gate, a couple of wandering zombies will be waiting for you, which can be killed with any melee weapon. The front door is locked, so you'll have to enter the mansion through the open door on the right. Once inside the building, you will find shelter. Break the electricity generator to the left of the entrance to the shelter, and the door in front of you will open. Once inside, kill the zombie, take the card key from his corpse and search the hideout (don't forget to loot the safe in the corner near the workbench).


Use the found key card to enter the mansion through the front door. To the left is a room with several display cases. One of them contains a commander's sword - an excellent starting weapon. As soon as you break the glass and pick up the weapon, an alarm will sound, and you will have to fight off three zombies. However, if you destroy the electricity generator connected to the alarm before that, then you will not raise the alarm. This generator hangs over the door at the back of the room.

Next, go up the stairs and collect all the loot along the way (always inspect the locations collecting scattered supplies). In the sauna on the porch, you will find a humanitarian aid kit, inside of which lies a socket wrench - another powerful weapon. Go down to the backyard of the mansion. There are several zombies swimming in the pool, so go around it in such a way that they do not notice you. Pick up the battery that is right on the generator, insert it into the generator, the wire from which leads directly to the pool, and you will kill all the zombies with an electric shock. Next, remove the battery from the generator and collect the loot that has fallen from the opponents.


Move on until you reach the back gate near the pool. To open them, you will need an access code, which will need to be entered into the security panel to the left of the gate. Enter the mansion again through the two French doors near the pool. Find the cabinet covered with stickers, in which the code from the back gate is hidden.


As you explore the mansion, you will most likely notice a locked door with an empty fuse box in front of it. There are no fuses in this location, so you won't be able to open this door yet, but later you will have the opportunity to return to the mansion (don't worry, this will happen relatively soon).

Next, return to the back gate, enter the desired code and go to Emma's house. After a short cut-scene, the main character decides to take a nap, and the task will come to an end on this.

Battle of Bel Air


After the hero wakes up and talks to Emma, ​​zombies will attack her mansion. And since the protagonist is the only one among the survivors who is immune to the zombie virus, you will have to get out and deal with the horde of the undead. As soon as you take control, the Desperate Search for Emma quest will end, and you will receive a reward in the form of experience points and level up your Slayer. Ahead of you is a battle with a crowd of the living dead.

Equip the Kick Kick Skill Card!


As soon as you leave the mansion, a new skill card will open - the kick attack. This is one of the most powerful moves in the game and is recommended to be used as often as possible. With this attack, you will be able to throw zombies at their comrades, while dealing damage to several opponents at once.

Tip: Fallen zombies take increased damage from melee attacks, and they can be instantly killed with a kick if their health drops below a critical level. This strike counts as a counterattack, so if you have counterattack reward skill cards equipped, you can activate their bonuses by kicking zombies.

Note: Bruno is the only one of the Exterminators who doesn't get a "Kick Kick" card at this stage. Instead, he gains the skill "Flying Kick", which, although it deals more damage, does not knock down several zombies, so it is clearly not an equivalent replacement. Don't worry - Bruno's Kick Off skill card will be unlocked at a later date.


First of all, deal with a crowd of zombies. After destroying the first group of opponents, you will need to close the gates of the mansion. Unfortunately, there is no switch in the electrical panel connected to the gate, so you will need to find it (situations like this are not uncommon in the Dead Island 2 story campaign). Go down to the garage on the lower level of the mansion and make your way under the partially open door. Once inside the garage, you will see a flame blazing in the corner. Grab any of the nearby water canisters and put out the fire. After that, you can pick up the switch and return to the gate. Insert it into the electrical shield to close the gates of the mansion, and then finish off the remaining zombies.


Now you will need to return to the house. Talk to Emma and the Battle of Bel Air quest will end. After that, you will be able to explore all the rooms of the mansion, acquire Carlos' first throwing weapon and modify all the weapons from your inventory. Don't forget to buy a fuse from Carlos so that you can then return to the previous mansion and get into a locked room where an unusual weapon is hidden.

As soon as the main character goes outside of Emma's mansion, you will unlock the multiplayer cooperative mode. This concludes the introductory part of the adventure.

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