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Freminet in Genshin Impact: when it comes out, appearance, weapons and eye of god

Freminet in Genshin Impact

According to recent leaks, Freminette in Genshin Impact is Fontaine's new character that could appear in the 4.0 banners.

Fontaine is one of the regions of Teyvat in Genshin Impact. He is under the control of Hydro Archon, a goddess who is in charge of maintaining balance on the planet and is Fontaine's celestial ruler.

Recently, after the end of broadcast 3.7, a short video about the journey of the Traveler across the ocean was aired. This is most likely a preview of the upcoming Fontaine region, as Sumeru has already run out of new places to explore.

In addition, the Fontaine region has so far only been represented by two characters: Lynn and Lynette, and Charlotte announced as Fontaine's new NPC. However, there are rumors and leaks about additional characters that may appear in the game in the future.


One of these new Fontaine characters that has caught the attention of fans and is rumored to be in the 4.0 update is Freminet.

Here's everything we can about Freminet, the newest hero from the Hydro region, that has come to light through leaks.

Who is Freminet in Genshin Impact

The French word "fontaine" means "fountain", which is related to the word "hydro" (water). The Fontaine Kingdom is the habitat of the Hydro Archon.

Freminet is one of the characters revealed by insiders and is rumored to appear in future Fontaine updates.

This is an as yet unannounced 4-star rarity playable character.


One of the insiders Mero, revealed all the latest details about him, and according to his sources, this new hero lives and works in Fontaine, and he will appear in the game with the Genshin Impact 4.0 update.

Freminet's appearance in Genshin Impact

After a lot of rumors, we have received real in-game proof of Freminet's existence thanks to a recent leak that was published by verified insiders and contained a picture of his model.

Freminet's appearance shown is art, according to recent tweets by Mero, who said, "The art [of Freminet's model] is AI generated based on a visual description."

Insiders claim that the illustration is not entirely accurate and that the character actually has a different appearance. SYP gave the character's likeness a 5 out of 10, stating that many elements were untrue. Additionally, it has been pointed out that Fréminé's hairstyle actually looks neater than in the AI ​​image.

SYP said, "Of course, thanks to Mero for leaking, and of course the actual character art can't be released due to the DMCA, but I just don't want anyone to fanart this design and be disappointed."

In addition to Freminet's appearance, Mero also gave details about its role, rarity, element, weapon, and release date.

Freminet release date in Genshin Impact

Freminet is a diver from Fontaine whose work involves complex mechanisms and requires the utmost concentration and precision. Because of this, he can appear somewhat emotionless and aloof when interacting with other characters.

In version 4.0, Freminet will appear as a playable character, and work on the Fontaine region will also be completed. Thus, August 16, 2023 will most likely be the release date for the new hero.

Freminet's role, element, and weapon in Genshin Impact

Mero claims that Freminet is the hero of the two-handed sword and the owner of God's Eye Cryo. However, given how early this leak is, things could change drastically after the announcement.

In terms of credibility, it's worth noting that the leaks come from reputable sources that have usually provided accurate information in the past. In addition, the information was confirmed by several leakers at once, and this gives it additional weight.

Freminet's model may still be in the making, so it's likely that his final appearance will be slightly different by the time he's officially revealed. So, like other leaks, this new information about Freminet may very well change as it's too early for any definitive claims about the content of the Genshin Impact 4.0 update.

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