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Arlan in Honkai Star Rail: best build [guide]

Arlan's best build in Honkai Star Rail

Arlan, the head of security for the Hertha space station and a playable character who uses an electrical element, is often depicted in Honkai: Star Rail with a dog named Pippi.

Although he knows nothing about scientific research, Arlan is willing to put his life in danger to protect the employees for whom the station is of such great importance. He is accustomed to suffering and proudly displays his scars.

Arlan follows the Path of Destruction, which allows him to initially combine abilities, dealing damage to both a single target and a group of nearby enemies. However, it is extremely useful, because at higher levels it turns into an extremely powerful destroyer.

Arlan is the guiding star of the Security Department and a key link in all battles. Without it, the space station would have collapsed in a day, and in ten days, many human lives would have been destroyed. 

Arlan's voice actors include Dani Chambers (English), Shiraishi Ryoko (Japanese), Tao Dayan (Chinese), and Kim Yul (Korean).

In this guide, we'll show you how to create an Arlan build in Honkai Star that will allow the character to reach his full potential.

Best build for Arlan in Honkai Star Rail

Arlan deals electrical damage while following the Path of Destruction. He is a damage dealer who can use his skill to deal a lot of damage while consuming his own HP. His attack power increases when his current HP decreases in proportion to his maximum HP.

It is recommended that Arlan's builds prioritize hit chance, attack power, and electrical damage, as this will allow him to use his skills to the maximum effect.

Before going into details, let's start with an overview:

  • The best light cones: Of Aeon's Fall, Secret Oath, Moles Salute You, Nowhere to Run, Doom Together
  • The best relics and decorations: Sizzling Thunder Band, Wild Wheat Shooter, Celestial Differentiator, Space Sealing Station
  • Best Squad: Tingyun, March 7 and Natasha

Now let's first take a closer look at Arlan's best Honkai Rail light cones.

Best light cones for Arlan in Honkai Star Rail

Arlan's best light cone list includes the following items:

  • On the Fall of an Aeon
  • Secret oath
  • The Moles Welcome You
  • Nowhere to run
  • Shared death

Your weapon of choice must match Arlan's Path of Destruction for the passive effect to take effect.

In Honkai: Star Rail, Arlan's signature light cone, Arcane Oath, is a great choice for him as it increases the wearer's default damage and then deals additional damage if Arlan casts it against enemies with a higher HP percentage than him.

On the other hand, Aeon's Fall allows you to build up an attack power bonus in addition to the damage increase after breaching, so using it will give you a more consistent increase in your damage output.

About Aeon's Fall - This is a 5-Star Light Cone and thus won't be easy to get as it depends on the banner's luck. But some 4-star light cones can also be great choices for Arlan. So, the best 4-star light cones for Arlan are Secret Oath, The Moles Welcome You, and Nowhere to Run, while the 3-star light cone is Doom Together.

Nowhere to run increases attack power by 24%. When an enemy is defeated, the wearer gains HP recovery equivalent to 12% of their attack power. At the same time, the light cone of Doom Together increases critical chance by 12% if the wearer's current HP is less than 80%.

Best relics for Arlan in Honkai Star Rail

The best relics for Arlan are:

Band of Sizzling Thunder (relic)

  • 2 items: Increases electrical damage by 10%.
  • 4 items: When the owner uses their skill, their attack power is increased by 20% for 1 turn.

Musketeer of Wild Wheat (relic)

  • 2 items: Attack power is increased by 12%.
  • 4 items: Wearer's speed is increased by 6% and basic attack damage is increased by 10%.

Celestial Differentiator (planar decoration)

  • 2 items: increases crit. wearer's damage by 16%. When his current crit. damage reaches 120% or higher, at the beginning of the battle, his crit chance is increased by 60% until the end of the first attack.

Space Sealing Station (planar decoration)

  • 2 items: Increases the wearer's attack power by 12%. When his speed reaches 120 or higher, his attack power is increased by an additional 12%.

Arlan's effectiveness is aided by artifacts that increase electrical damage, attack speed, and energy regeneration. Therefore, when choosing a set of relics for Arlan, this should be your main priority.

Sizzling Thunder Band is Arlan's best relic in Honkai Star Rail. Arlan's ability to use this set, which increases his attack power when he casts a skill and increases his electrical damage, is perfect for his function as a primary damage dealer.

For the early game, another solid set is Wildwheat Shooter as it increases attack power while decreasing speed, which is handy when you want to use Arlan last.

In the end, the best choice for creating the best Arlan build is Band of Sizzling Thunder. In addition, Wild Wheat Shooter is a great alternative for damage builds.

As for the Space Sealing Station set, it initially increases the wearer's attack power by 12%, plus it increases by another 12% when its speed reaches 120 or higher.

Best squad with Arlan in Honkai Star Rail

Our pick of the best squad composition for Arlan:

  • Arlan, Tingyun, March 7, Natasha
  • Arlan, Armor, Cheetah, Asta
  • Arlan, Tingyun, Armor, March 7

Arlan takes damage when he uses his skill, so you need to protect him from danger so he doesn't get caught in the crossfire. Hence, he is the main DPS in any of the teams.

In units with Arlan, it is recommended to deal a lot of damage by stacking support buffs and using your talent to trade HP for damage. When Arlan is low on HP, use the Save Path character's shield to protect him from being hit.

Since you won't need too much healing, Natasha should be chosen over Bayla. While Armor buffs Arlan, March 7 will use her shields to protect him.

Another variant of Arlan's squad includes Tingyun, March 7, and Natasha. Arlan is a fighter whose attack deals more damage the less HP he has. Flexible Tingyoon support character has the ability to increase the attack power of his teammates. A March 7 tank-type character has the ability to provide other squad members with shields based on her own defense score.

Natasha - One of the healers of the team, she specializes in restoring the health of allies.

Now that you have the basics of Arlan's build in Honkai Star Rail, let's get into the details of his ascend and trail materials, as well as his skills and eidolons.

Materials for ascending and leveling Arlan's footprints in Honkai: Star Rail

Arlan's Ascension Materials

Arlan's Ascension Total Materials:

  • Extinct Core: 16
  • Shimmer Core: 15
  • Wriggling Core: 10
  • Arcane Shadow of the Past: 52
  • Credits: 246

Footprints for Arlan

Total amount of Arlan footprint materials:

  • Shattered Blade: 16
  • Lifeless Blade: 54
  • All Destroying Blade: 105
  • Extinct Core: 28
  • Shimmer Core: 42
  • Wriggling Core: 42
  • Last Path of the Destroyer: 9
  • Imprints of Destiny: 5
  • Credits: 2

Arlan's abilities in Honkai Star Rail

  • Arlan's Basic Attack: Lightning Rush

Deals Shock Damage equal to 50-130% of Arlan's Attack Damage to a target enemy.

  • Arlan's Skill: Shackle Breaker

Consumes Arlan's HP equal to 15% of his maximum HP to deal Shock Damage equal to 120-300% of Arlan's Attack Power to a target enemy. If Arlan does not have enough HP, his HP will decrease to 1. after using the skill.

  • Arlan's Super Power: Frenzied Punishment

Deal Shock Damage equal to 192-348% of Arlan's Attack Damage to a target, and Shock Damage equal to 96-192% of Arlan's Attack Damage to nearby enemies.

  • Arlan's Talent: Pain and Anger

Increases Arlan's damage for every percentage of HP below his maximum HP, up to a maximum of 36-90% more damage.

  • Arlan's Technique: Quick Harvest

Attacks the enemy immediately. Upon entering combat, inflicts electrical damage to all enemies equal to 80% of Arlan's attack power.

Eidolons of Arlan at Honkai Star Rail

  • E1 - Until the very end: When HP is less than or equal to 50% of his Max HP, skill damage is increased by 10%.
  • E2 - Break free: Using a skill or ultimate removes 1 debuff from the character.
  • E3 - Unwavering Power: Increase skill level by 2, max level is 15. Basic attack level is increased by 1, max level is 10.
  • E4 - Frenzy of the Hunted: After a finishing blow, Arlan is not unable to continue the fight, but immediately restores his HP to 25% of his maximum HP. This effect is automatically removed after one trigger or after two turns.
  • E5 - At full speed: Super level increased by 2, max level 15. Talent level increased by 2, max level 15.
  • E6 - Self Sacrifice: When HP drops to 50% or below, your Ultimate deals 20% more damage. The damage multiplier to adjacent targets is increased to the damage multiplier of the selected enemy.

Video guide

This is everything you need to know to create the best Arlan build in Honkai Rail, including choosing relics, light cone and squad composition, as well as character leveling.

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