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How to deal critical hits (crits) in Dead Island 2 with melee and ranged weapons

How to Crit in Dead Island 2

Since in Dead Island 2 the undead overpowering the living, there are few places left in Los Angeles that can be considered safe for people. However, players who have recently entered the scene as an exterminator will not only have to survive, but also thrive on the zombies that now roam the streets.

At its core, Dead Island 2 puts a lot of emphasis on the art of combat, whether up close or at a distance. Although wild swings and punches usually help to deal with a single enemy, when there are more of them, it is much better to fight effectively, this will allow you to take less damage and be the last one standing. In this guide, you will find all the necessary steps to land critical hits as often as possible.

How to deal critical hits in Dead Island 2

Basically, getting critical hits in the game is not a matter of luck. It actually has to do with the type of weapon the fighter is wielding., and, as is common in the series, upgrades and modifications can play a huge role.

Critical Hits with Melee Weapons

Go into your inventory and look at the melee weapons your character is currently equipped with, they will fall into one of four categories: Improvised, Furious, Maim and Decapitate. When fighting with any of these weapons, here's what's needed to maintain a consistent crit streak:

  • Improvised - Designed to deal additional damage to undead limbs, all hits to limbs automatically become critical hits with the added bonus of restoring stamina through maiming.
  • Furious - suitable for fast and ruthless attacks, weapons automatically deal critical hits after a certain number of hits. Increased attack speed also helps in this aspect.
  • Crippling - perfect for crowd control when used all heavy attacks are always critical hitsthat deal additional damage, making Critical Death Strikes even more accessible.
  • Decapitator - as the name suggests, all hits to the enemy's head are critical hits, including damage dealt by throwing weapons.

Critical Hits with Ranged Weapons


Firearms are also categorized as Destructive, Rapid Fire, Tactical, and Sniper. To ensure critical hits from any of the six fighters, the following conditions will be required:

  • Destructive - shots on all vulnerable zombies always deal critical damage.
  • Rapid Fire - Shoot bursts as the more hits in a row, the higher the accuracy, and after a short time all hits will automatically become critical.
  • Tactical - the strategic component comes into play, since any defensive action, such as dodging or blocking, increases movement and reload speed, while all shots deal critical damage.
  • Sniper - use weak spots to land critical hits, aim for the heads and limbs first.

Armed with this knowledge, survival on the streets of hellish Los Angeles will be less difficult, even when facing the most dangerous varieties of zombies.

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