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Where to Find Scout Corps Crates in Fortnite

Scout Crates in Fortnite

Fortnite's Attack on Titan collaboration is underway, and players can finally enjoy the reunion of two beloved franchises. Although fans initially thought they would only get the Eren Yeager skin and a couple of additional cosmetic items, it turned out that the game will even have themed weapons. Starting with update v24.20, players will be able to find Fortnite Spatial Maneuvering Device (SMA) and Thunder Spears, and use them to defeat any foes that may come their way.

These items appear randomly throughout the map, but given the high rarity level, finding them can be quite difficult. However, it is a completely different matter if the player gets to the box reconnaissance corps - a special treasure chest. This guide tells you how to find them and get the precious loot.

Scout Crate Locations in Fortnite

Unfortunately, Survey Corps crates are quite rare. Whenever the player finds such a crate, they will receive normal loot, but in addition to that, they are also guaranteed a thunder lance and UPM equipment. It's a fantastic find, but finding them is an extremely difficult undertaking and you'll have to rely in part on luck.

These chests spawn most often in the southwestern part of the map, Medieval Areas With Orange Grass. POIs such as Golden Castle, Experienced Cove, and Citadel have possible Scout Crate spawn locations, but again, it depends on the RNG if they spawn at all.


These named Fortnite locations are great and rich in loot, but they are also very dangerous. Therefore, players should be sure to check the location of the watchtowers and targets of the Titans as well.

Capturing locations


Capturing locations was a great strategy for finding Oath Chests back in Season 1 Chapter 4. Whenever a player claims a location, enemies and chests located at that point of interest will be highlighted on the screen of the player and their teammate.

You need to enter one of the named locations and head to the capture point marked on the minimap to start claiming it. Once the timer circle is full and the flag reaches the top of the pole, the location will be yours.

The chests are highlighted in yellow, and since the Scout Corps crates are wider and shorter than regular chests, they can be easily distinguished from a distance.

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