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Fortnite: Cyber ​​Rogue Cup: How to Get the Skin

Cyber ​​Rogue Cup in Fortnite

The Cyber ​​Outcast now has a partner in crime and they are going to win the Cyber ​​Outcast cup competition together in Fortnite. Epic Games often hosts tournaments to give players a chance to compete for an exclusive opportunity to get free cosmetic items ahead of time.

Players will be able to own the Cyber ​​Outlaw skin and all of the cosmetic items in her bundle before they even show up in the Item Shop. This guide tells you exactly what you need to do to take part in this new upcoming cup Fortnite.

Cyber ​​Outlaw Set Items

The Cyber ​​Rogue skin has not yet been released in the item shop Fortnite and will not be available for purchase until 20:00 April 15 ET.

Once it appears in the Item Shop, players will be able to purchase cyber rogue skinand Pickaxe "Dynamic Star"Outcast Shape wrapper и Outcast Backpack Back Decoration. Those interested in getting this set can try to get it earlier by participating in one of the Cyber ​​Outcast Cups.

Cups "Cyber ​​Outcast"


Epic Games will host two Cyber ​​Rogue Cups at the same timeso that players can take part in the cup "Cyber ​​Rogue" in "Zero Altitude" mode or in the regular Cyber ​​Rogue Cup in Battle Royale mode. The competition will take place on April 12, the specific time of the event will depend on the region of the players. For more information, check out the Challenges tab in the game.

The Cyber ​​Outcast Cups are a pair competition. To participate, both participants must have an account level of 15 or higher.

Players with closed accounts will not be able to join this challenge.

The event will be live streamed for three hours, during which time players will be able to participate in a maximum of ten matches. Each elimination gives the team one point, and the remaining points will be awarded depending on the place taken at the end of the match - from 1 point (24th and 25th place) to 25 points (Victory Royale).

The top-scoring duos will receive the Cyber ​​Outlaw set items according to their final regional placement. Here are how many teams will receive first prize in each region:

  • Europe - 1400 teams
  • North America - 1000 teams
  • Brazil - 450 teams
  • Asia - 450 teams
  • Oceania - 225 teams
  • Middle East - 225 teams

Players earning eight or more points will earn the Cyber ​​Party emoji, while earning 16 points will unlock the Rogue Alliance loading screen.

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