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Where to find cultists in Fallout 76

Where to find cultists in Fallout 76

Cultists of the Cult of the Mothman are well represented in Fallout 76, and there are many places in Appalachia where they can be found. Let's take a look at some of the cultist locations to save you some time if you're hunting for them.

How to find cultists in Fallout 76

The main location where there are the most sectarians is Point Pleasant, a small town where many saw before the war Mothman. It was at Point Pleasant that the original Cult of the Mothman was born, then moved to the Happy Hole Mine to survive the catastrophic flooding and later the bombing. Since then, the cult has spread throughout Appalachia and beyond. 

Settlements or camps of cultists can be found on the map, they are marked with a cult icon in the form of a skull with ritual bandages and horns.

  • Mothman Museum in Point Pleasant
  • Blake's gift
  • The Clancy Family Mansion
  • Ingram Mansion
  • Johnson farm
  • Canova County Cemetery
  • Lantern
  • Happy Hole Mine
  • house of moths
  • holy gifts
  • Flooded church near Reilly Clay's bunker

Unnamed locations of cultists

These are places where you can find cultists, but they don't show up on your map of Appalachia. 

  • Altar at the southern edge of the Slag Abyss
  • Small camp and suicide ritual in Rotten Mold Quarry
  • Sanctuary south of Crater
  • Sanctuary East of Bloody Kate Cinema
  • Sanctuary east of transmitter 1AT-U03
  • Sacrificial altar west of Billings Farm

Former locations of sectarians

These former Cult of Mothman camps are great for those who want to learn more about the world. Fallout 76. 

  • big belly
  • Helvetia
  • Lighthouse "Landview"

Cultists can also be encountered during the Mothman Equinox seasonal event, when two Cult sects battle each other. The Daily Ops mission, Cultist, will pit you against various cult members, including the Cultist Prophet, who can only be encountered during Daily Ops or the Mothman Equinox.

These are all places where you can find the Moth Cult cultists, both living and dead. 

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