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Genshin Impact: How to open the gates of the ruins [When the Light of Hvarna Manifests: Nirodha]

Open the Ruin Gate in Genshin Impact

Collecting Great Songs During the World Quest"Hvarna of good and evil" at Genshin impact, players find themselves blocked by a massive gate that requires them to solve a small puzzle. As Nasejuna suggested, the clue to the ruins' gate lies in René's research notes.


Thanks to Nasejuna's guidance, players can collect the necessary great songs in Genshin Impact. One of them is located deep underground, in the ruins of Caenri'ah. There will be plenty of puzzles inside, as well as some tough enemies, so be sure to prepare yourself before heading inside.

How to open a ruin gate in Genshin Impact


To open the gates of the ruins in Genshin impact, travelers should find out correct symbols and their order. Nasejuna reports that René's research notes say: “Turn the gears so that all three types of runes appear. Without changing the triangle at the base, make sure it is connected с square." 


  • Three runes should be visible (square, triangle and W).
  • The square and the triangle must be connected.
  • The triangular rune at the bottom does not need to be changed.

The puzzle is pretty simple, but if you happen to forget the riddle that says how to open the ruins gate, just talk to Nasejuna one more time so he can repeat it. However, for especially impatient players, we provide a ready-made answer:

  • Rune W should be at the top.
  • Square rune - in the middle
  • Rune triangle - below.

Fortunately, the runes are not connected to each other, so changing one will not affect the other symbols.

How to get to the underground ruins of Kaenri'ah


To get to the underground ruins of Kaenri'ah, teleport to the teleportation point north of the Tunigi Gap and head east. Go down the mountain and find the entrance covered with tree branches. You don't have to do anything here, as Soroush will take care of it in a short cutscene.

If you haven't unlocked the Tunigi Gap fast travel point yet, teleport to the Asipattrawana swamp and follow the dirt path to the west.

After Pari opens the way, go inside past the underground teleport point. Keep walking in the same direction until you come across a ruin gate. Nasejuna is delighted that he finally got to see the ruins of Kaenri'ah. Although, as Paimon points out, Nasejuna must have explored hundreds of such ruins.

Vijnanapati says he only became aware of these types of ruins through an item called René's Research Notes. It turns out that an ancient scholar wrote a book that contains many mysteries about various ruins. In addition, according to Rene, unimaginable knowledge can be found in these ruins beyond the gate, surpassing any knowledge of mortals.

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