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List of potion recipes in Hogwarts Legacy: where to get the ingredients

Potions Recipes at Hogwarts Legacy

In this guide, we have listed all potions in Hogwarts Legacy. Released February 2023 Hogwarts legacy is an action role-playing game. Anyone who has seen the films or read the Harry Potter books at least once in their life will find many familiar places and characters in it. When you start out as a student at Hogwarts, you will begin to explore various aspects of magic, including things like making potions. Potions are used to restore health during combat and improve the combat performance of the main character.

Since the game was recently released, many users are confused about what types and how many potions are available in Hogwarts Legacy. The guide below will help you quickly understand this issue.

How to get potions in Hogwarts Legacy?

There are different ways in which the player can obtain these potions in Hogwarts Legacy. They are sold in shops in the village of Hogsmeade. Players can also brew and make their own potions using their preferred ingredients. Last but not least, potions are not uncommon in the open world. Just explore the game world and defeat enemies to get these potions.

How to find potion ingredients in Hogwarts Legacy

Let's say you bought or found the potion you've always dreamed of, but what about the ingredients? Since the ingredients are the most important ingredient for creating a potion, you definitely need to know where to get them.

The easiest and easiest way to get potion ingredients is to visit the Hogsmeade shops. Some ingredients can be found in J. Pepin's Potions, but most are sold in Magic Rutabaga.

You can also find ingredients for your potions while exploring the world of Hogwarts Legacy. It is recommended to collect all the resources that you come across while traveling around the world, as it may happen that you will need this particular ingredient when making a potion.

On the other hand, you will often have to purposefully look for ingredients for your potions. To make the game easier for you, you can grow plants yourself, but you can only do this after you complete your first herbology course. Plants can be grown in the Help Room or in the Herbology Room.

All potion recipes in Hogwarts Legacy

So, before you start making your dream potion, keep in mind that in order to create it, you will need the necessary ingredients as well as the recipe. Once you have everything you need, head to the location above and brew the potion according to the requirements for it. Below is a list of all the potions in Hogwarts Legacy and their ingredients, as well as where to find each of those ingredients.

Potion of Edurus

List of Hogwarts Heritage Potions: List of Recipes and Grades

The ingredients needed for the Edurus potion are 1 mongrel fur and 1 peplumba egg. Taking this potion will increase defense against enemies, making the skin hard and rocky. Increased protection does not last long, so use it only when you really need it.

Peplumba eggs can usually be found near rocky and mountainous areas. One of the best places to look for them is northwest of Hogwarts, specifically near the Quidditch arena. To the north of the arena, there is a fast travel point called Mooncalf Lair. From the fast travel point, go south along the foot of the mountain and you will see bright orange eggs. Further along the path you will find a few more. Use the Revelio spell to make it easier to find them.

Mongrel fur is perhaps the easiest ingredient, as it can be obtained by killing "possessed" wolves that are found throughout the Forbidden Forest. Go to the Forbidden Forest, kill the wolves, and get the mongrel fur.

liquid luck


Ingredients needed for Liquid Luck potion: 1 lacewing and 1 kelp stalk. This potion is mainly used to locate large chests in the game. The duration of the potion is one in-game day. Over the course of a day, the effects of the potion will eventually stop working. Whenever you use this potion in the game, try to make the most of it and open as many chests as possible.

You can find lacewings throughout the Hogwarts Legacy world. These are shiny butterflies, usually flying over lush green bushes. They are hard to miss, but here are a few places where you are sure to find them. One of these locations is on the side of the road leading from Hogwarts to Hogsmeade. The following locations are near the fast travel point near Hogwarts. They are also found on at least four bushes on the west side of the fast travel point.

The algae stalk can be grown in your own plant pot in the Help Room, or purchased from the Magical Rutabaga in Hogsmeade. At the shop, you can either buy seeds for 350 galleons to grow them yourself, or purchase a whole plant for 150 galleons.

Focus Potion


Focus potion ingredients: 1 lacewing, 1 seaweed stalk, and 1 tipper tongue. Once taken, this potion reduces the cooldown of cast spells. In the game, you can only cast a spell when the cooldown is over. Thus, the potion will allow you to use more different spells in a short period of time.

As mentioned above, the lacewing is found in many places in the game world, and the kelp stalk is sold in the village of Hogsmeade. As for the Toperoy, its tongue can be obtained by killing a creature that is usually found in the southern part of the world map, where most of the swampy regions are located. Travel to the fast travel point in the northern part of the Southern Seaside Swamp and explore the swamp. The Revelio spell will help you find hiding toperok. But be aware, if you get too close, they will attack you with attacks that cannot be dodged.

Invisibility potion

List of Hogwarts Heritage Potions: List of Recipes and Grades

Ingredients needed for the invisibility potion: 1 jumping toadstool hat, 1 knotweed shoot and 1 troll booger. After drinking this potion, your character becomes invisible to his enemies. While the effect of the potion is active, you will be able to stealthily attack or use enemies. Also, the potion is very useful when you need to hide or sneak. It only works for a short period of time, so after taking an invisibility potion, move and act quickly.

Leaping Toadstools are red mushrooms found throughout the game's world, especially in the wild, such as the Forbidden Forest. You can teleport to the Forbidden Forest fast travel point and cross the bridge to collect a few on the ground right. Also, you will find mushrooms on your left after crossing the bridge near the water. You can also get a lot more at Hogwarts East Valley.

Knotweed shoot is very easy to get. The first way is to buy it from Timothy Chilog at the Magic Turnip in Hogsmeade for 150 Galleons. The second is to grow it yourself by buying the seeds all in the same "Magic Turnip" for 350 Galleons. Each growth cycle lasts 10 minutes and produces 5 knotweed shoots.

To collect troll boogers you need to kill trolls. Head to the trolls' lair east of Hogwarts. There are several troll lairs in the game, but this is the fastest to get to, as it is located in the Feldcroft region. Each troll kill guarantees at least 4-5 troll boogers. You can also purchase the ingredient from J. Pepin's Potions Shop in Hogsmeade for 100 Galleons each. But killing trolls is the most efficient and cheapest way to get them.

Potion of Maxim


Ingredients for Maxim's Potion: 1 Leech Juice and 1 Spider Fang. The potion temporarily increases damage dealt to enemies. This potion is very useful in battles with very strong enemies. It has a limited duration, so use it wisely.

Leech sap can be easily found near bodies of water such as rivers, swamps, and lakes.

Spider Fang comes from spiders that are found in abundance in the Forbidden Forest. You can find many spiders in spider lairs.

thunder drink


Lightning Drink Ingredients: 1 leech juice, 1 fig tree, and 1 stench of the dead. When you use this potion, a powerful storm is created around the character, which helps to defeat enemies by damaging them. The Storm Drink can also stun enemies.

As discussed earlier, leech sap can be easily found along the banks of rivers, lakes, and bodies of water.

Despite the intimidating name, getting the stench of the dead is not difficult at all if you have an incendiary spell like Incendio. The ingredient drops after killing Infernals, the undead that roam the lands around Hogwarts. They can usually be found in the cemeteries that are their lair. One of the dens is located near Kinbridge. Use the Incendio spell on the infernals to mark them. Once they are marked with fire, you will be able to destroy them. However, until you use Incendio or any other pyro spell, they will be invincible.

The fig fruit can be bought by buying in the "Magic Rutabaga" for 150 galleons per piece, or you can grow it yourself by buying seeds for 450 galleons.

If you are planning to plant fig tree seeds, you will need to purchase a medium sized pot. You won't be able to plant this plant on a table with small pots, so buy a new table from Tomes and Scrolls in Hogsmeade. The cheapest table for medium pots costs 750 galleons. Once you have purchased a suitable table, create it in your Help Room and plant a fig tree. It will take 12 minutes to grow it and you will get five fruits.

rowan broth

List of Hogwarts Heritage Potions: List of Recipes and Grades

The ingredients needed for this potion are 1 Murlocomle Juice and 1 Star Anise Leaf. Drinking the potion will heal the player even in the midst of a battle with an enemy. 

Murlocomle Juice is one of those ingredients that are readily available in caves and cave entrances and vaults. You'll find plenty of murlocomles in the storage area. You can also buy the ingredient at J. Pepin's Potions Shop in Hogsmeade for 50 Galleons. Another good place is the Murlocomle Hollow cave north of Hogsmeade, look both outside and inside the cave. Murlocoml sap also spawns in spider lairs. 

Star anise leaves are occasionally found in caves (one of them is Murlocomle Hollow), or you can buy them from the Magical Rutabaga in Hogsmeade for 100 Galleons. However, the best way to get star anise leaves is to grow them in the Help Room. Their growth time is 10 minutes.

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