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Best Character Techniques in Honkai: Star Rail [Ranking]

Best Character Techniques in Honkai Star Rail

Techniques in Honkai: Star Rail are powerful abilities that each character possesses. From buff, debuff, damage and more, everyone has a use.

Techniques are special abilities that can be used in the world Honkai: StarRail, they provide individual characters or squads with various bonuses before the start of the battle. You can use the technique on the battlefield three times, and to replenish its stocks you need to break special containers or use certain consumables.

Several DPS characters have a technique that is a variation on the same theme, which is buffing their personal damage. While these techniques are good for accumulating damage before a fight, you'll be more interested in techniques that are useful to the entire squad. This is not to say that individual vehicle buffs are much worse; they just suit different styles.

Sushan - Knight Sword Art: Charge

The four-star character Sushan deals physical damage. This is clearly demonstrated by her technique, which allows you to immediately start a fight and deal a lot of damage to each enemy in battle.

If you hit her with a technique, you will deal 80 percent of Sushan's attack power to all enemies at the start of the fight, which can even break a couple of enemies that are vulnerable to physical damage. In any case, dealing damage to all enemies at the same time is always a worthy start to the fight.

Clara - A small price to pay


Mr. Svarog really dislikes when Clara is attacked, despite her best efforts to get the attention of every opponent. Clara's technique pairs well with her skill and talent, making this ability a great start to any battle.

Clara's technique allows her to immediately attack the enemy, and she starts the fight with increased aggressiveness. When Clara is hit, Svarog parries it and marks the enemy, that is, the more attention to her, the more damage each enemy that hits her will receive. Though it's hard to see why anyone would want to harm Clara at all.

Yanqing - Sword Mastery


Yanqing is a powerful DPS character that wields an ice element, and his technique allows him to start fights with a huge damage buff. When using the technique at the beginning of the fight, it will result in quick damage to opponents with a lot of HP. Since this ability increases damage based on how much HP the enemy has, you can try to eliminate the enemies as quickly as possible.

The buff increases Yanqing's damage by 30% if the enemy he attacks has more than half HP. Personal attack buffs are fickle and difficult to determine. For example, Dan Heng's Technique increases his damage by 40 percent, so this buff is similar in many ways, but still useful.

March 7 - Freezing Beauty


The character with the strange name has a special technique that allows her to randomly freeze one enemy if you use it to start a fight. Currently, March 7 is the only one who can apply a freeze debuff to the enemy at the start of the fight, which makes her technique extremely useful.

The base chance to Freeze an enemy is 100%, but like all debuffs, it can be countered. Freezing an enemy lasts one turn and means the enemy will miss their turn, taking damage over time.

Serval - Good night, Belobog


The Serval technique is very effective when you are facing a large group of enemies. When used at the start of a fight, you deal Shock damage to one random enemy and then have a 100% chance to apply the Shock debuff to all enemies in the fight. Many enemies are vulnerable to this element, which is why the Serval set is so useful.

While in the debuff status, enemies take damage at the start of each turn, and thanks to the Serval talent, you can deal an additional portion of electrical damage to shocked enemies. The Hook technique is the same as the Serval, but it deals fire damage and inflicts a burning debuff. Whichever you prefer, know that this technique is great for dealing with large mobs.

Pathfinder - Immortal Third Strike and Call of the Guardian


The trailblazer gains access to two different paths, allowing him to use the physical or fire element. Think of it like Traveler in Genshin Impact, able to change its element in any statue of the Seven Archons. As a fire attacker, you can use the Guardian's Call technique, which at the beginning of the battle gives a shield equal to 50% of the character's defense.

The Physical Pathfinder can use the Immortal Third Strike technique out of combat to restore the HP of the entire squad. It's not the best heal, but it will keep you healthy until you get a special healer to heal you in combat. Considering how good the Pathfinder is as a free unit, these two skills will come in handy in any squad.

Armor - banner of command


Arguably the best damage buff for your entire squad, the Armor Technique grants a 15% increase in attack power to each ally for two turns at the start of combat.

By starting the battle with this skill, you will be able to strengthen the selected character, especially if you use the Armor combat skill, which allows it to additionally increase the damage of a group member and carry over their turn immediately after her own. Thus, you can immediately deal significant damage to single targets.

Cheetah - Fellowship


The Cheetah's technique is similar to the Flame Pathfinder's shield, but the Cheetah's skill grants a valuable shield to the entire squad. It covers a smaller area, but that's to be expected since it's spread across your four units.

The generated shield is increased by Cheetah's defense, and then a fixed increase of 150 is added. It lasts for two turns, serving as a valuable buff in tough battles, especially if you've invested in Cheetah development.

Sampo - Bright radiance


Sampo's technique is incredibly strong considering he is a four-star unit. After using it, you blind all nearby enemies for ten seconds, meaning they will not be able to see you for the duration of the skill.

What's more, when you attack a blinded enemy, the Sampo technique has a 100% chance to delay the actions of all enemies by 25%. The order of moves is a vital part turn-based combat in Honkai: Star Rail, and the ability to delay or influence moves greatly increases a character's chances of winning.

Welt - Gravity Prison


Welt has a technique similar to Himeko in that he also creates another dimension for 15 seconds. Basically, this means that using Velt's ability will create a field outside of combat that will slow any enemy that hits it, making it easier to attack as it won't be able to react at its normal speed.

When you start a fight with an enemy caught in this field, every enemy in the fight will be imprisoned - a unique part of the Welt set - this will delay the actions of each enemy by 20 percent and reduce their speed. So not only does his technique change the order of moves, but it actually gives you more moves instead of enemies that are now slowed down.

Tingyun - gentle breeze


Tingyun is another four-star character with a rather imbalanced technique. Using Gentle Breeze outside of combat will instantly grant Tingyun 50 damage. energy by recharging her ultimate.

Depending on when you use this ability, you can either start each fight with Tingyun's superpower fully charged, or increase it enough so that it gains a full charge on its first turn in combat. Since the ultimate can be activated at any point in the battle, this will allow you to use it much more often.

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