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Dismissal at Honkai Star Rail: how to start and complete the task

Dismissal at Honkai Star Rail

While watching the skiff in the 'Firing' quest in Honkai: Star Rail, players will witness an accident and must eventually catch the culprit.

Quest "Dismissal" in Honkai: StarRail is a long adventure mission that includes many characters and events taking place in a short amount of time. In this quest, players will have to find the passenger skiff that hurt Mei while trying to help her keep her job by convincing Luhui not to fire her (or still let her be fired). On the other hand, Tantan aims to catch the culprit of the accident and bring him to justice, and he will need your help.

Keep in mind that this mission may take some time due to the many quests that players have to complete. Luckily, when you know what to do and how to do it, the time it takes to play through will be significantly reduced, so just follow our guide.

How to start the "Firing" mission in Honkai Star Rail

In order to activate the "Firing" quest in Honkai: Star Rail, players must first complete the "Poison Seeths, Promises Immortality" main story mission. After that, the aforementioned quest will automatically start.

How many white passenger skiffs passed under the bridge?


After observing the star skiffs with Tantan, players will have to answer the following question:

How many white passenger skiffs have completely passed under the bridge?

Correct answer - Three.


When meeting with Tantan in Honkai: StarRail he will ask the Pathfinder to count how many star skiffs passed by in a certain period of time. He then mentions that the Starboat Shelter is filled with different colors and models of skiffs for you to memorize, and asks you some questions at the end of the test.

After answering his questions, it will be possible to interact with Tantan again in order to continue the "Firing" quest. The Pathfinder will ask for another test, but during the second observation, the speeding skiff will cause an accident that will lead Tantan and the Pathfinder to the injured passenger.

Since the perpetrator has fled, Tantan will follow him, asking the protagonist to stay and talk to the injured passenger to find out more about her contacts and make sure she is all right. The trailblazer learns that the victim's name is Mae., and she asks to find scattered records, as well as try to contact her next of kin.

Help May find the records and contact her family.


Mei's first scattered notes in the quest "Firing" are northwest of the quest line, next to two standing people. The item found is called "Mei Records: Flowers".


The second part of Mei's notes lies in the seat right behind Mei. Now you can combine the two pages and get the contact number associated with Mei.


After contacting said contact, Pathfinder learns that it is her employer, Luhui, and informs her that Mei had an accident. After that, it will be suggested to meet with Luhui to learn more about her life, work, and Mei's relationship.

Questioning a Witness and Finding an Intruder in the Quest "Firing" in Honkai Star Rail


Later, Tantan will report that the overspeeding skiff has disappeared, and therefore it is necessary to question the victim and some witnesses that he found in order to get more clues for search for a suspect. After Mei's conversation with Tantan, she will ask about her notes and eventually reveal that the speeding skiff could be blue or yellow. She also mentions that before passing out heard a loud bang from behind.


The first witness can be found right next to the fast travel point on Star Avenue, in the area where the accident occurred. During the conversation, the absent-minded lady will tell you that the sound of the engine of the speeding star skiff was loud and distinguished from ordinary skiffs.


The second witness is on the east side of the search circle, leaning against the wall. When asked about the accident, the suddenly inspired man will say that the skiff of the criminal turned to the right.


When Tantan asks where is the star skiff of the criminal in the photo, the correct answer would be — third from left. The players talk to both Tantan and Shikui, collect a lot of evidence, but in fact the answer is already obvious: this is the blue star skiff, which you yourself saw earlier, watching the passing passenger skiffs at the beginning of the quest “Dismissal”.

As a result, the search for the suspect will lead you to the southwest, to the port of the Astrologer Navalia of the planet Lofu Xianzhou. The culprit of the accident, of course, will deny everything and even set dragon fish on you. But after a little fight, he will eventually surrender to custody.

This is everything you need to know about how to get laid off at Honkai Star Rail. Now you can read our other guides on new quests, events and content in the game. Leave your comments below and bookmark our site so you don't miss anything.

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