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How to restart the terminal and restore the sliding screen in Honkai Star Rail

How to restart the terminal and restore the sliding screen in Honkai Star Rail

Honkai: Star Rail in the quest Omnipresent Search for the World asks players to reset the terminal and restore the shifting switch screen with a puzzle.

Reaching Xianzhou Lofu and once again being forced to play the role of the bad guy in Honkai: StarRail, the players will soon find themselves in agreement with General Jing Yuan and the Prediction Commission. As a reward for capturing Kafka, Jing Yuan stays true to his word and allows the Pathfinder to speak with the Stellaron Hunter in the Prescience Matrix.

However, before players can talk to Kafka, they will obviously have to complete some errands for Fu Xuan. This time the Pathfinders are tasked restart the three base terminals of the Foresight Matrix in the quest "The Omnipresent Search for the World".

Restart the temporary terminal in Honkai Star Rail

In order to restart the temporary terminal, players need to make the platform match the shape in front of it. In the first puzzle, you need to form a triangle, which is achieved by movement of the medium object to the southwestsoutheast object to the east.

Restart the karmic terminal in Honkai Star Rail


Before players can restart the karmic terminal, they must first restore the sliding screen in Honkai: Star Rail. To solve this puzzle, you need to do the following:

  1. Click on upper green button, then move symbol 5 to the northeast.
  2. Use bottom green button, then move symbol 5 to northwest, causing the other character to also be in its place.

Now, to complete the terminal puzzle, you need to:

  1. Move the object in the lower left corner to the southeast.
  2. Move the item in the lower right corner to the southwest.

The figure above shows what the final figure will look like.

Restart the spatial terminal in Honkai Star Rail


The sliding screen puzzle for the spatial terminal can be solved by following these steps:

  1. Press upper green button and move the symbols to the left once.
  2. Press bottom button and move the second character to its place.
  3. Go back to top button and turn the symbol 5 to the desired position.

To restart the spatial terminal in the quest "The Omnipresent Search for the World" Honkai: StarRail, the players need move top left object to bottom left anglebottom right object - right.

After restarting all terminals, return to Fu Xuan, who will display Kafka. In a cutscene, she uses the Precognition Matrix to figure out Kafka's plan and intentions, and is shocked to learn the truth. Fu Xuan can't believe what she just found out, but she believes that the Precognition Matrix can't be wrong, which causes her to report immediately. General Jing Yuan.

Sage also allows Pathfinder to talk to Kafka while she's away, and players can finally get answers about everything that's happened to them. However, don't expect this to be an easy conversation, as there's a huge amount of knowledge that will rain down on you in this part of the quest.

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