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All Shadows of Destruction in Honkai Star Rail: how to get and what they are (Physic Pathfinder eidolons)

All Shadows of Destruction in Honkai Star Rail

В Hong Kong Star rail there are some systems that Genshin Impact players will be familiar with, such as the mechanics of eidolons similar to Constellations. By having copies of a character, you can activate his Eidolon Resonance, which will increase his strength and give new effects that make him more valuable in battle. However, as with the Traveler in Genshin Impact, players will not be able to get another main character, so the Pathfinder eidolon can be obtained in other ways.

The eidolon of the physical Pathfinder is called Shadow of destruction, and there are several ways to get it in the game: complete the main quests, buy it in the store, or simply level up.

Where to find all Shadows of Destruction in Honkai Star Rail

how to get shadow of destruction 1 honkai star rail

The first Shadow of Destruction in Honkai: StarRail can be obtained after defeating the Doomsday Beast at the start of the game.

shadow of destruction 2 trailblazer eidolon honkai star rail

Upon reaching Pathfinder level 18, players will be able to continue through the main storyline. After completing the quest "Rot or Burn" a second Shadow of Destruction will be unlocked along with a 4-star light cone "The Importance of Breakfast". This is the same weapon that players can obtain from the Forgotten Hall shop or opening the door with triple authentication.

shadow of destruction what a honkai star rail

The third Shadow of Destruction is available for purchase from Wen Shiqi at the Herta Space Station for 500 Hertareums. To get this currency, players need to either run around opening chests, complete some missions, or discover unique hidden quests such as paper crane quest.

shop in boulder town shadow of destruction honkai star rail

Pathfinder's fourth eidolon is sold in the Stonetown shop for 1000 shields. As with the Hertareum, Shields are a currency exclusive to Yarilo VI. Players can earn them by completing missions on the planet, opening chests, or completing hidden quests. For example, finding all seven wanted posters in the game Honkai: Star Rail, you will receive 20 shields.

trailblazer shadow of destruction lv19 honkai star rail

Then, after reaching Pathfinder level 19, Pom Pom will grant the fifth Shadow of Destruction.

Pioneer Eidolon 6 Honkai Star Rail

Finally, when the player reaches Pathfinder level 30, Pom Pom will give the final Shade of Destruction, which will allow the last Eidolon of the Physical Pathfinder to be awakened in Honkai: StarRail. The Trial of Balance is not required to earn this reward, so players can take part in the Trial with a fully awakened Pathfinder.

What is the Shadow of Destruction in Honkai Star Rail?

pioneers in Hongkai Star Railway

Shadow of Destruction Honkai: StarRail used to activate the physical Pathfinder eidolon resonance. This is equivalent to Constellations in Genshin impact. Players will be able to unlock new abilities that make the Pathfinder stronger, such as the 4th Eidolon, which increases critical strike chance by 25% when attacking an enemy with Vulnerability Break. As in Genshin impact, there is no additional effect for E3 and E5. E3 increases the skill and talent levels by +2, while the ultimate and basic attack get levels +2 and +1 respectively.

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