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All 4-Star Characters in Honkai: Star Rail [Rating]

All 4 star characters in Honkai Star Rail

4-star characters in Honkai: Star Rail can be great support and DPS if players know how to use them.

Some of the 4 star characters in the game Honkai: StarRail are almost on par with 5-star characters, as in its predecessor, Genshin Impact. Similarly, one of the best benefits of a good 4-star character is the relative ease of obtaining their eidolons. This gives them more passive bonuses and more utility to improve their kits and roles.

In terms of efficiency, getting the most out of each 4-star character is closely related to how players build their builds and use them in squad lineups. Therefore, ranking 4-star heroes by their personal set can be quite difficult, as their stats change depending on the builds. However, based on the general characteristics, we have compiled Honkai: Star Rail 4-Star Character Tier List.


Qingce in the Hongkai Star Railway

Qing Que is quite impractical to use, especially in auto fights. Her damage only gets good if she gets four jade dice, but players have to rely entirely on the RNG for that. Each time she rerolls the dice, she consumes one skill point, so trying to maximize Qing Que's damage will quickly deplete the team's skill points, which can be dangerous, especially in difficult battles where point management becomes critical.


Hertha at Honkai Star Rail

As a niche talent with a very simple set, Gert is not the AoE DPS you are usually looking for. passage of complex content in Honkai: StarRail. Instead, she is more of a grind DPS, players can take her with them for quick farming of materials, and she is also great at killing weak enemies in one hit with her talent and technique skills. As soon as the health of one of the enemies falls below 50%, Gert will launch the next attack against all enemies, striking with her hammer.


natasha in honkai star rail 1

Natasha is part of a small group of healers in Honkai: StarRail. Despite being a 4-star character, Natasha has a strong support set that allows her to single-handedly ensure her team's survival. As a character whose utility is mostly based on HP, Natasha has a decent base HP which is great for all of her healing abilities. Unfortunately, healing is the only thing Natasha is really good at, in general she is not the best member of the squad, as there are other characters that can protect the team and offer more utility, such as March 7 and the Flame Pathfinder.


Arlan at Honkai Star Rail

Arlan's set in Honkai: Star Rail works simply but effectively. As he spends his own HP to use his skill or attack, Arlan's damage is increased by his talent. As a character on the path of Destruction, Arlan is capable of dealing decent damage to both single and multiple targets. He has a good synergy between losing and regenerating HP with his kit and this makes his talent very useful as it increases damage based on HP lost.

Dan Heng

and Heng Ying Hongkai Star Rail

Dan Heng is definitely effective at the beginning of the game, but later on players get better characters. For example, even in version 1.0, he was quickly replaced by the first exclusive character Seele. What he lacks in stats, Dan Heng makes up for with his high speed. Since he is a character of the path of the Hunt, it is quite logical for him to have high speed. But, unfortunately, this is not enough for him to take one of the first places in the ranking. However, if you add a character to your squad that is able to constantly buff Dan Hen, he will break through the wind resistance of enemies with his attacks, which will allow him to constantly deal a large amount of damage.

March 7

March 7 at Hongkai Star Rail

Free-to-play characters are often underestimated, considered weak, but in Honkai: StarRail their skills are more than enough to get through the most difficult content in the early and mid game. In addition to a permanent shield and the ability to freeze with her superpower, March 7 can also heal the character she protects with a shield. In addition, when any protected ally is attacked, she counterattacks, which is handy against enemies with a vulnerability to ice damage.

Unfortunately, as a defense fighter, she is not very viable. For example, many players may prefer a character with a high taunt score, such as a fiery Pathfinder, or simply a more effective defender, such as Bailu or Cheetah.


hook in honkai star rail

If players are looking for a tough fighter that can deal high damage while still reliably inflicting damage over time on enemies, then Hook is a great choice. As a character on the path of Destruction, Hook can deal massive damage with his skill and superpower, especially if the opponent has the Burning status. It combines survivability, damage and usefulness in one set, and players can effectively use it in many of its with many squad lineups in Honkai: Star Rail.


sampo in honkai star rail

While damage over time units aren't very popular in the early game, once players have enough characters, an Eternal path addict like Sampo is sure to come in handy on a DoT team. His ultimate causes enemies to take 20% more damage over time, which not only helps the team, but also increases his own damage. Sampo's talent allows him to cause Weathering with his attacks, and given that his skill is of the Rebound type and can hit several enemies in turn (or one enemy several times), he will definitely apply a debuff to the target.


Serval in Honkai Star Rail

Serval has a large basic attack power, which allows her to better scale her attacks, and ultimately allows her to deal a lot of damage. The Serval can also apply damage over time to all enemies she hits with her skill with a 100% chance, which also increases her overall damage output. Later, when the enemies are under the effect of the Shock status, Serval's damage becomes very high, especially with her ultimate.

Even though she is a free character, Serval is a really strong AoE fighter and should not be underestimated, especially since she is able to perform well in various situations. For example, players can take her exclusively for maximum instant damage, or take her to a DoT squad.


sushi at Hongkai Star Rail

The skill set of Sushan, who adheres to the path of the Hunt, revolves around overcoming enemy resilience. Whenever the boss has a physical vulnerability, Sushan is the perfect character for this fight. When there are enemies with a vulnerability on the field, it becomes very fast, which allows you to drain more stamina. Of course, her abilities consume a lot of skill points, and players have to adjust to Sushan's aggressive fighting style.


asta in honkai star rail

Characters of Harmony's Path Honkai: StarRail act as support heroes and control the atmosphere and pace of battles with their buffs and skills. Asta has the ability to turn her allies into fast units that can play more often and deal more damage to opponents with the % attack power buffs she grants.

In addition, Asta is a reliable fortitude destroyer against fire-weak enemies due to the number of attacks her skill can produce, especially on her first eidolon.


Sang at Hongkai Star Rail

Pela's set Honkai: StarRail pretty unique. Pela is one of the few characters that can destroy the defense of enemies and deprive them of buffs. Not only that, she can also further debuff the ice resistance of opponents, making her an indispensable support when playing ice DPS.


Ting Yun at Hongkai Star Rail

Tingyun is perhaps the best 4-star character in Honkai: StarRail. Her ability to improve the stats of an ally under the effect of her Blessed buff is comparable to that of 5-star characters. With her superpower, she can work like a battery and give a massive damage boost to one of her allies for two turns. Using Tingyun in conjunction with any DPS will allow both to reach their full potential and demonstrate crazy performance in combat.

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