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How to Learn and Use the Flippendo Spell in Hogwarts Legacy

Flippendo at Hogwarts Legacy

Flippendo is a very useful spell, used both in combat and for solving some puzzles. To learn this spell, players need to progress far enough in the game to unlock a companion quest and invest heavily in the tools and seeds needed to grow magical plants. However, it all pays off when the player finally gets Flipendo.

Unfortunately, despite his impressive magical abilities, the main character Hogwarts legacy cannot learn a spell on their own, a teacher will be needed to help with this. In this case, Professor Chesnoke will help you master the spell, but first she will require you to complete several tasks. As you would expect from a teacher of herbology at Hogwarts, they are related to the cultivation and use of magical plants.

How to unlock the Flippendo spell in Hogwarts Legacy

After completing Professor Chesnoke's first task, she will send another owl with a new task and a promise to teach you Flippendo. Before a spell can be learned, the following quest objectives must be completed:

  • Grow and harvest seaweed
  • Obtain all three war plants and put them to the test at the same time.

It should be noted that the player is required grow your own algae crop, which means you can't just buy it at the Magic Turnip. However, this process consists of several stages, as it is necessary to purchase seaweed seeds in the Magical Rutabaga and a spell to make a table with a large pot in Tomes and Scrolls. After that, you can go to the Help-room, create a table for pots and plant seeds. Then it remains only to wait a while and harvest in order to complete this part of the task.

As for war plants, players can either grow them themselves from seeds purchased from the Timophylls and Toadstools store, or buy already grown plants in the same shop for 300 (Chinese Chewing Cabbage), 500 (Mandrake), and 600 (Poison Tentacula) Galleons each. To buy them all, you need a total of 1 Galleons. Next, you need to find any group of enemies and quickly use all three combat plants.

How to learn Flippendo in Hogwarts Legacy


You are now ready to return to the greenhouse and speak with Professor Chesnoke. After that, she will teach your hero Flippendo. To learn it, you just need to press the indicated buttons in time and hold the cursor, directing it along the drawing on the screen. The resulting spell can then be placed anywhere in the spell pool.

How to use Flippendo in Hogwarts Legacy


At first glance, Flippendo may not seem particularly effective, but it has a few specific uses that make it worthy of its place in the spell set. First, if you use Flippendo on a troll right after he strikes down with his club, the club will flip over and hit the troll in the face, stunning it and dealing a lot of damage. Moreover, some Merlin's trials require the player to use Flipendo to flip blocks. Completing these additional challenges unlocks more equipment slots in Hogwarts Legacy.

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