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How to turn off the announcer in Minecraft Legends

How to turn off the announcer in Minecraft Legends

minecraft legends is a fast-paced strategy game in which players embark on a journey to save the Overworld by uniting mobs to protect their homes. The game has several unique features, one of which is the announcer. However, for some, this can be distracting and prevent them from enjoying the gameplay.

If you belong to the group of players who find this feature unnecessary or annoying, this guide will help you. It tells how disable narrator in minecraft, as well as an alternative option for a better gaming experience.

What is an announcer in Minecraft Legends?

A speaker in a game is a function that reads all on-screen text aloud, including menus, chat boxes, and other game elements for players who require reading assistance or who have visual impairments. This option is intended to make the game more accessible to everyone, including players who have difficulty reading or rely on text-to-speech technology.

How to turn off the announcer in Minecraft Legends

Text-to-speech settings in Minecraft Legends

The process of disabling the announcer in Minecraft Legends is relatively simple. To do this, follow these steps:

  • Open Minecraft Legends in-game settings.
  • Click the tab "Availability", where several options will be displayed.
  • Click the "Text" and find the parameter "Text to Speech"Push the switchto disable this feature.

So, now you know how to turn off the announcer and enjoy a more relaxed gaming experience. If you need this feature in the future, just follow the same process and enable text-to-speech.

On the other hand, if you prefer to use the announcer feature but are not satisfied with the volume of the speech, there is a way to set it to the desired level. All you have to do is open in-game settings menu, go to the tab "Audio" and find "Dialogue volume» tab "Volume". And here you can change the volume level according to your preference.

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